White Collar Review: "Company Man"

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Last night, White Collar really brought it. Throughout the entire episode of "Company Man" I was completely engaged and pretty much sitting at the edge of my seat!

It was a rarity to find Peter at the end of his rope - and having Neal come to his rescue. Did anyone predict that Jessica poisoned the brandy? It didn't even cross my mind until Neal was running to save Peter's life.

Peter Explanation

I do have to admit, it was pretty lame the way it went down: Wesley said there was no antidote, yet when the paramedics arrived they were able to resuscitate them both quite easily.

One of the biggest breakthroughs we have been waiting to see all season long happened in the last thirty seconds of the show. Peter admitted and showed Neal that he still had the music box. Neal showed Peter the key. Of course, they have to leave us hanging since next week is the season finale. What in the world do you think is inside it?! One thing is for certain: I can't wait for next Tuesday night!

There were many tiny scenes that had me smiling throughout the episode and here's a quick summary of them all:
  • Having Mozzie and Dianna work together on the Kate/Fowler case. It was great having Diana point out that Peter, her boss, assigned her - so why is Mozzie doing it? Is Neal his boss, too? Oh snap.
  • Credit card roulette is a great game in itself, made even greater when Neal strategically places Trent's card to be picked.
  • Watching Peter and Elizabeth Skype. Even if he's just in another part of the city. Nothing says lovin' like Skype-ing.
  • Peter and Neal's spy-like moves to get into Wesley's office, such as recording him saying his Latin password with a secrete pen? So cool!
  • Jessica being smart enough to reuse that same pen to break into his office and spike his brandy. Who knew she, too, was a cold-hearted killer?

All in all, White Collar is proving to be quite a solid show. I still yearn to see more Elizabeth and what her character can bring to the table, besides being a loving and caring wife. But the cast is solid. Even the supporting cast is great! I really love Diana and Jones . They're like the whip cream on top of the sundae.

We leave you with one important question: Is Kate still alive?!?

Until next week's summer finale episode enjoy a few of our favorite White Collar quotes:

Neal: No more secrets Peter.
Peter: No more secrets. | permalink
Mozzie: I showed you mine - you show me yours.
Diana: Don't ever say that again.
Mozzie: Understood. | permalink
Neal: Espresso?
Peter: I've always liked espresso.
Neal: No more ugly FBI mugs for you. I think you missed your calling - tiny cup big office expensive suits.
Peter: Ugly mugs are fine.
Neal: Don't fight your instincts Peter - embrace your true self. | permalink
Mozzie: I answer to no one Nancy Drew. | permalink
Peter: Can you see me?
Elizabeth: I can.
Peter: Look at us being a modern couple.
Elizabeth: Looks like you have everything you need.
Peter: Not everything. Let me show you the best part of the room you (a framed picture of Elizabeth).
Elizabeth: Awe. Well thanks for bringing me along. | permalink
Jessica: If someone took away the person you loved - wouldn't you want them to know how it feels? | permalink

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    White Collar Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

    Peter: If you could just show me where to set up.
    Wesley: I'm sorry.
    Peter: My office - where is it?
    Wesley: Peter - this is your office.

    I look good.