Bones Spoilers: Who is the Sniper?

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Will Booth finally meet his match in the form of a sniper preparing to wreak havoc on Bones? Yeah, right. No one can take out Seeley ... but he can try to take his name.

According to TV Guide, the mysterious Bones killer "has been hiding under the names of other famous snipers, including Booth's," and this is what leads the FBI to him.

Well, that and the fact that "he's the only person besides Booth who could make such an impossible shot." Sounds like this guy, whoever he is, will be a formidable threat.

Observation Time

The character's arrival may still be a few episodes away, however.

The show has begun looking for an actor to play the three-episode role of the sniper, an ex-Army sharpshooter who is suspected in the assassination of an important character.

This couldn't relate to Hannah's situation, could it? Regardless, he left his previous post in disgrace after being a little too trigger-happy during a hostage situation.

Doesn't sound good. How do you see it playing out?

UPDATE: According to EW, his name is Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, he’s slated to show up in early ’11, and it's confirmed he does take out a pivotal recurring character.

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