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In a strange twist of coincidental programming, Community became the third show this week to tackle the topic of God and religion. It followed Glee's "Grilled Cheesus" and Modern Family's "Earthquake."

But "The Psychology of Letting Go" also delved into other weighty topics, from oil spills to restraining orders to sock puppets. Or sock... other things, to be precise (isn't Annie's ignorance just adorable?).

Pierce in Quasi Morning

The installment started out strong - with Annie thankful that BP's mishap overshadowed Haiti because she had no ideas for the latter; and Jeff sharing news items learned from AOL's homepage - but then fell off a bit. Overall, there was a series lack of Abed.

We've also seen Annie and Britta fight before, and the topic of Pierce and his vaporized mom wasn't exactly a knee-slapper.

Fortunately, a couple guest/recurring stars made humorous appearances. Patton Oswalt is also good for a laugh, especially when he worries about accidentally revealing that a patient has AIDS and then getting psyched to pap a smear.

Moreover, who doesn't love John Oliver as Professor Duncan? Really, people anthropology isn't his subject. He'd prefer for students to veil personal issues as class discussion, as opposed to talking about... "something." Great stuff.

Here's a look at some of our favorite Community quotes from the episode. Did we miss any?

Jeff: Wow. You guys are real downers. I can't believe I made out with both of you. | permalink
Duncan: Hold on a sec. I need to use my force field to prevent Chang from getting food. | permalink
Pierce: You gain levels, and at a certain point you actually CAN eat a ghost. | permalink
Britta: Guys go home and make socks with your name on it.
Annie: If a guy wants to make a puppet of me, that's hardly your concern. | permalink
Annie [on the BP oil spill]: I'm so glad this tragedy overshadowed Haiti. I couldn't think of anything for that. | permalink
Shirley: Yeah, you're both so different. Skinny bitches. | permalink

The Psychology of Letting Go Review

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Community Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

If you guys just let me get to the can opener, I can feed you.


I'm so glad this tragedy overshadowed Haiti. I couldn't think of anything for that.

Annie [on the BP oil spill]