Dexter Review: "Practically Perfect"

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Now we're cooking! Or killing, really.

Through the first two episodes of season five, Dexter Morgan has been a man in mourning. It's been interesting to watch him grapple with the loss of Rita, as he struggles to understand just what he's feeling (guilt? remorse? sadness?), but it's also been a tad boring.

Fortunately, "Practically Perfect" returned to the show to its exciting, fast-paced core of a cat-and-mouse game between this killer and his latest victim.

Dex and Son

Harry tried to warn Dexter that the pressure he was putting on Boyd's murder would lead to a mistake, and, as usual, this ghostly vision was correct.

We were treated to a tense scene in the hospital, with both men trying to stay a step ahead of the other, and then a spontaneous injection and kill room set-up in Fowler's home.

This was all exciting enough, but no way anyone could have foreseen the closing development: a woman saw the whole thing?!? A woman that Boyd was seemingly holding captive and torturing?!?

Yes, that was a battered Julia Stiles falling into Dexter's arms to conclude the episode. Unlike the first two installments, I'm legitimately anxious for the following one to air so we can find out who this lady is and what kind of relationship she forms with Dexter. Reports have hinted at the title character trying to rehabilitate her in some way. Sounds intriguing.

Other questions/notes from the episode:

  • Best nanny ever so far. But it's safe to assume something will happen to her and/or Harrison, isn't it?
  • Sorry, still don't care at all about Batista and Maria's relationship.
  • I am on board for the cult of Santa Muerte killings, however. Let's hope these eventually tie in to whatever Dexter gets involved in and don't just serve as B storyline fodder.

What did everyone else think about "Practically Perfect?"

Practically Perfect Review

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