How I Met Your Mother Review: "Architect of Destruction"

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Ted and Barney’s How I Met Your Mother office bromance was dealt a blow when Ted learned the site of the new GNB headquarters is occupied by a landmark called The Arcadian.

The "Architect of Destruction," Ted threatened to pull out of the project, not because of Zoe the attractive activist he met, but because the Arcadian is worth saving.

As they debated the issue, Ted asked how GNB planned on getting the hundreds of people who live there to move out. Barney and GNB could've just converted the building into a giant crack house like Nino Brown did The Carter in New Jack City, but instead they used snakes. 

Or was it just eggs? Barney didn’t recall either being said.

Jennifer Morrison on HIMYM

Jennifer Morrison made her HIMYM debut as the adorable, slightly crazy Zoe.

Barney gave Ted four words to live by arguing, “New is always better.” Ted held his ground and sighted several great examples where new was not always better such as Star Wars movies, Guns & Roses albums and Scotch. He could have also thrown in New Coke, Pepsi Clear, Caddyshack 2, Heidi Montag’s new face and any of the new Olive Garden commercials.

Seriously, who signs off on those? Probably the same guy who signed off on the Architectural Wizard Ted Mosby sign. Is there no limit to the Barney’s influence and authority at GNB?

What a ridiculous, yet amazing use of corporate funds. That stunt totally made up for the “oh bummer” guy who thought Zoe’s protest was to legalize marijuana.

I enjoyed the new addition of Zoe. We learned Ted’s dream girl is a hot architecture nerd, with a solid C-cup and perky bounce. The conversation they shared about growing old was well done. There has always been a geriatric inside of Ted just screaming to get out.

Now he has apparently found someone to grow old and complain about the weather with. One issue though, Ted has yet another husband to deal with. I hope Zoe works out and they can retire together and get his and her Life Alerts.  

I too see the appeal of getting old, but to a certain degree. One thing is for sure, I will never be the old guy in the locker room just letting it all hang out like my man Murray was. I was left hanging though, wondering along with Marshall just what it was Robin did in the bedroom that turned Max off so quickly and had Barney and Ted nodding in agreement?

Does she scream “Oh Canada” when climaxing? Does she like to wear a goalie mask in bed or make love with skates on? We will have to wait and see. Good episode full of laughs while still inserting another piece to the Ted’s wife story line.

Some of last night's top How I Met Your Mother quotes ...

Marshall: I can't do this. I can't stop thinking about you and Robin.
Lily: Oh I've had that a few times. just lean into it and let it fuel things. | permalink
Barney: And stop shouting, you're scaring Cottontail.
Ted: You named the rabbit?
Barney: You took longer to get here than I thought, we bonded and I'm keeping her. | permalink
Barney: And for the love of god, boobs?
Ted: Solid C Cup perky bounce
Barney: Momentary grudging respect. | permalink
Barney: Asian girls love them some Jews. | permalink
Barney: Ted that is so romantic, I want to fill a pillow case with dead batteries and beat you with it. | permalink
Ted: What's your newest scotch?
Wendy: Jumbo Jim's Grape Scotch? Don't let it touch your skin. | permalink
Lily: They bonded over hockey, I guess he has a small penis, they want to double date next weekend. | permalink
Marshall: Baby these satin sheets are slippery. Papa needs traction. | permalink
Barney: Dude working together is going to be legen- wait for it ...I'll send you an inter office memo with the rest because we friggin' work together! | permalink

Architect of Destruction Review

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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Baby these satin sheets are slippery. Papa needs traction.


Trish the secretary: Excuse me Mr. Stinson?