Jessica Capshaw to Miss Multiple Grey's Anatomy Episodes

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Jessica Capshaw will miss several episodes of Grey's Anatomy due to her maternity leave, but it may not sideline her as long as you think. The woman is a pro at motherhood!

This according to Shonda Rhimes, the show's creator and executive producer, who tells EW that the actress who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins may even be out only two episodes.

The upshot: Enough for a major Calzona bombshell, but not a prolonged absence.

In a 'Zona

MISSING ARIZONA: We will be, but thankfully, not for long.

“We’re basically playing it by ear,” Rhimes says. “If she needs more [than two episodes], she’ll let me know. She’s not a new mother; she’s done this before. She feels like she’s in great shape and will be physically ready to come back almost immediately."

"If she needs some more time, we’re going to give her more time.”

As far as how Arizona will be written out, that question will be answered in dramatic fashion at the end of the October 28 episode, which features the Seattle Grace documentary.

Shonda also addressed the topic of why Derek wasn’t angrier at Mer for hiding the fact that she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage on the Grey’s Anatomy season six finale.

“I would've really disliked Derek for being angry at Meredith for failing to tell him she had a miscarriage the day he had been shot," she said. "I would have thought he was an ass.”

Fair point. Finally ... will we ever see Alex happy again? Happy may be a bit of a stretch, but on October 28, "he channels his inner Justin Bieber while treating a pediatric patient."

Use your imagination there and comment away.

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