Major Vampire Diaries Scoop: What is Katherine's Plan?

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Attention, Vampire Diaries fans: make sure you tune in for the next four episodes.

We know, this is like asking Damon Salvatore to win a contest of snarky one-liners. It will clearly happen no matter what. But producer Julie Plec has teased the next set of new installments by saying Katherine's master plan "explodes" and:

"By the time we hit Thanksgiving, you're going to know a good chunk of it, if not most of it."

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With an uninterrupted string of episodes on tap until Thanksgiving, E! News reports that fans can also look forward to the following spoilers and developments:

We'll flashback to Bulgaria in the 15th century and "answer a lot of questions," Kevin Williamson says. "Because I think everyone's interested in the doppelgänger or how did the line continue. And she's a Petrova, we get into the Petrova line of it all...We show how [Katherine] started, where she went, why they wanted her, why she was necessary to the story of the vampires."

Jeremy will get a love interest that "could possibly be somebody that we already know," Plec says.

There's a price that Bonnie "has to pay," Plec teases, adding: "She's coming into her own, and she's learning how to be a witch and how to be a strong witch, but we're also showing that there are some weaknesses involved and she's got to be careful."

Jeremy will get into the action, as Steven R. McQueen (and this clip) previews: "Rather than letting all this stuff happen to him, he's gonna say 'F--k that and I'm going to take control and I'm going to help out in this whole thing."

Producers are biding their time with Alaric and "waiting for the moment to start his new journey," says Plec.

There's a lot to digest here. We'll meet you in our Vampire Diaries forum to discuss it all!

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