Parenthood Review: "Date Night"

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Finding time alone once you are a parent can be very difficult, especially once you have more than one child. 

On “Date Night”, Adam and Kristina struggle to find time together to reconnect.  One of the most important parts of a successful relationship is allowing time for each other even with kids in the mix.  Most parents out there can relate to this week's main storyline.  

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Kristina freaks out and is desperate for time alone with her husband, partly because of her meddling neighbor's unwanted advice.  Adam and Kristina eventually get to eat cake and drink wine on their car’s roof in a parking lot.  Sometimes the best dates can be those that are unplanned.  We know these two have a strong marriage, but it was great to see them enjoying some time without their kids.

Honestly, this episode seemed a bit slow to me and I had a difficult time focusing on each character’s story.  Yes, there were a few funny parts, but overall I have to rate it a mere 2.5 out of 5 stars, my lowest rating so far.  

Crosby is having a hard time figuring our how to be a dad to Jabbar.  Renee usually doesn’t want Crosby’s help, and then calls him out of the blue to pick up Jabbar.  Of course when she calls, Crosby is celebrating at work and very drunk.  Crosby immediately scrambles to find a ride to pick up his son, only to be pushed to the ground by Jasmine’s brother.  

Learning how to be a parent is challenging and we think Crosby is doing an excellent job thus far.  If Jasmine was around, his intoxication wouldn’t have been a problem because she could have easily picked up her son from school.  Do you think Crosby was in the wrong and deserved being shoved?

How much does this man have to endure to be there for his son?  Yes, it was probably best for Jabbar to not see his dad intoxicated.  But this entire mess is completely Jasmine’s fault.  She is the one who kept Jabbar a secret, resulting in Crosby losing precious time with this only son.

Jasmine thankfully misses her family and returns home.  Now that she is back we hope this new family can have time to become a real unit. Again, we know Renee’s intentions are only to protect Jabbar, but she is not his parent.  How do you feel about Renee?  

Haddie wins as student council president after writing her own speech.  I was a bit disappointed she won, only because her losing would have made for more entertaining television.  I was pleased to see her finally apologize to Kristina about her past temper tantrum.  What do you think is in store next for Haddie?  Maybe a new love interest?

Joel needs to find a hobby to share with Sydney’s class.  He struggles because he feels like he is nothing but a caretaker for his daughter.  I am sure many stay at home moms and dads out there can connect to Joel’s feelings.  Glad to see he was able to put together a great presentation involving one of his passions, wood making.  Joel even overhears Sydney’s friend say that he rocks!  Good job, Joel.

Sarah tires to give her son girl advice, which ends badly.  I feel terrible for Drew and know that there are times when a boy simply needs his father.  To all crappy dads out there:  please spend more time with the children you helped create!  Sarah has a lot on her plate and giving out relationship advice seems to be her weak point. 

I was pleased to see Sarah on a date with Mike.  Too bad their date was interrupted.  I hope they get another chance to go out soon.  Looks like Sarah’s boss might try and come between these two.  Who do you think Sarah should end up with?  

After this week’s lackluster episode we look forward to see what happens next week.  Here are a few of our favorite Parenthood quotes to keep you smiling:

Sarah: Do you need anything? Do you want some lemon aide or um cookies?
Drew: Yeah, if this were 1950 thanks.
Sarah: Well, Perhaps I'll bring you a martini and some pot. I'm just kidding, you should not do drugs or drink. Stay in school; don't cut your own bangs. These are a few of my mottos. | permalink
Adam: You want my advice, step one apologize to Renee.
Crosby: For what, I didn't do anything.
Adam: It's just, you know what, you're a man. It's just what men do. We apologize. I say three I'm sorrys before I get out of bed in the morning. | permalink
Joel: What am I going to do; I'm going to show them how to use fabric softener properly?
Zeek: Joel, I mean really. These kids are kindergartners, you could light your own fart and they would think you were Einstein. Come on! | permalink

Date Night Review

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I am very proud of you, not just because you won but because of how you conducted yourself. Alright, mostly because you won.


Joel: What am I going to do; I'm going to show them how to use fabric softener properly?
Zeek: Joel, I mean really. These kids are kindergartners, you could light your own fart and they would think you were Einstein. Come on!