Parenthood Review: "Seven Names"

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Life isn’t easy and sometimes things don’t go as you plan. That's what we learned on Parenthood this week.

One Braverman decides to get married and another has to lay off seven people with whom he has worked with for over 15 years.  There were ups and downs, but overall the show  always manages to leave you smiling. Such was the case on "Seven Names."

Michael B. Jordan on Parenthood

Adam must pick seven people to fire, which turns out to be a huge undertaking for this peace-making man.  He is the one people go to with their problems, for support and understanding.  Now he has to become the bad guy, firing those that act more as peers than subordinates.

He is so ill-equipped for this role that he rehearses what he plans to say with Kristina.  One question in the back of my mind: Why can’t Gordon man up and take the lead in his company’s terminations?  Isn’t Gordon the actual boss? Makes me think Gordon is a bit of a coward.

Joel begins a side job, renovating a bathroom.  This is his first opportunity in years to have a break from being a full-time, stay at home dad.  Unfortunately, the job interferes with Julia’s career and creates a problem between these two parents.  

Part of me sides with Julia; she is a lawyer and needs to focus on her demanding job.  Joel has taken on the task of raising Sydney so far, so why should it change now?

On the other hand, Joel seems unhappy staying home and seems ready to reenter the workplace.  Should he give up his dreams and desires for his wife and daughter?  

I can think of one simple solution: hire a nanny!  That way both Julia and Joel follow their dreams and Sydney can go to school and be taken care of properly when she returns home.  Joel staying home will not work if his heart isn’t in it anymore.  

Jasmine and Crosby tell their son that they plan on getting married... and receive no reaction.  This upsets Crosby and ends up putting doubts in his head.  Come on, Crosby, give your kid a break, he’s only six years old!  Many six-year old boys show little excitement for things other than toys and friends.  The little guy is probably just happy having his two parents together in an actual relationship.  You have to give children time to adjust to big life changes.

Gordon asks Sarah to accompany him on a business trip to LA, wanting them to get a chance to get to know each other.  Sarah doesn’t end up going, but things look hopeful for these potential lovebirds.  
Do you think Gordon intends to date Sarah or just is trying to sleep with her?  Do you think this relationship will work out?  One person that isn’t rooting this couple on is Adam.  He clearly lets his sister know he is against her dating Gordon.  He believes Gordon is just trying to get Sarah in bed.

I hope for Sarah’s sake Gordon wants a relationship with her.  She’s had a hard time with men so far and deserves her fairy tale ending.

I also totally side with Amber and feel Sarah overstepped her role as a parent regarding the Kelsey situation.  Sometimes you just have to have faith in your children and give them a chance.  Now Amber has lost her only friend.  I hope Kelsey's mother forgives Amber because it wasn't her fault.  Amber is turning out to be a good kid.

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Parenthood quotes from this week to keep you smiling:

Adam: I need a beer.
Kristina: Forget the beer, we need to get wrecked.
Max: What does getting wrecked mean? | permalink
Gordon: I need to fire seven people.
Adam: Look, these are people we have worked with for fifteen years.
Gordon: You think I don't know that. Stop thinking just do it. Do you need me to come up there and hold your hand? | permalink
Sarah: Hey, I'm sorry I know your feeling lonely. I understand what that feels like.
Amber: I'm fine, she was a little weird anyway, let's face it. | permalink
Kristina: Jasmine, welcome to crazy town! | permalink

Seven Names Review

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Sarah: Hey, I'm sorry I know your feeling lonely. I understand what that feels like.
Amber: I'm fine, she was a little weird anyway, let's face it.

Jasmine, welcome to crazy town!