Rubicon Review: "A Good Day's Work"

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Throughout its first season, Rubicon has been criticized for being too slow and offering too few answers.

We'd like to see anyone make those accusations against "A Good Day's Work." The episode offered viewers a tense attempted murder scene, while exposing Truxton Spangler and company for what they were truly up to.


If Will's theory is correct, the conspiracy is all about money. Various organizations have been profting from global events and, even more troubling, actually engineering the events themselves, using API's analysis and investigations to strike it rich.

There shouldn't have been a any doubt before that Spangler was an evil boss, but he drove that point home this week by planning Will's murder as soon as he discovered he was looking into Fishers Island.

What a great scene we were treated to prior to Bloom breaking into Will's apartment and (sloppily, poorly) trying to off the man that knows too much. Spangler entered Will's office and seemed sincere in both congratulating Will on a solid run at API, while also lamenting David's death.

Truxton is a character that seems utterly relaxed at all times, but we saw him slam the phone in frustration this week, and then come across as sentimental as he can in this exchange with Will. Of course, he was also saying farewell to the person whose death he had just plotted, so take that as a special kind of Spanger sentimentality.

The episode also continued to humanize the API employees, while keeping the plot moving. We saw Miles briefly hold hands with Julia; Tanya search desperately for a drink; and Grant be tempted by Truxton's offer of power/leadership.

The questions now remaining: Do those associated with Fishers Island have something to do with Kateb and that API case? If so, is it too late to stop whatever is about to happen? Can Will and Truxton both possibly survive the season finale?

Sound off now on what you thought of "A Good Day's Work." If you'll now excuse me, I have to call Kale Ingram to help take care of a fly I just killed.

A Good Day's Work Review

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