Survivor Round Table: "Worst Case Scenario"

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Left in the dark after the wild La Flor tribal council our Survivor Round Table writers convened to discuss their theories on what happened.  Our review covered one possibility, but with so few facts to go on, anything is possible.  Also, what was Holly thinking?  Is NaOnka actually making sense?  Which nickname should stick for Brenda?

Our readers must have their theories as well, right?  Let's hear 'em!

Holy Manipulating Marty!  What the heck happened at La Flor's tribal council?

Quiet Pool: I think Mr. Probst overestimated everyone's intelligence in his review.  The young La Florians got confused after Marty didn't use his immunity idol.  Or maybe they were so ill-prepared that they had no plan for a re-vote and were wingin' it. 

Survivor RT

Lady Gaga: Mind blowing! What the heck happened? Could Marty have used the idol for the second vote? No, right? So many questions. Were they really that worried about Kelly B? Has purple Kelly spoken before tribal council last night? Is Brenda more like Na than we thought?

Mr. Probst: The further away I get from last night's episode the more I think what happened was La Flor's plan.  An idiotic one, but their plan nonetheless.   Seems like they wanted to vote out Kelly B, but get the idol out in the process too.  The wrinkle to this theory - why did Jane (presumably) vote for Marty on the revote?

Kakdaddy: My head is still spinning.  I'm not sure at all why Brenda tried to call out Marty and then backed with everyone else when the tie showed up.  I'm guessing they didn't want a betrayed Kelly B in the tribe and Marty already knew Brenda had it out for him.

What was Holly thinking not voting for Dan?  Isn't she next if Espada loses again?

Quiet Pool: She voted with the masses. A normal Survivor move.  If she shakes things up, she's sure to go home next.  But then again, it's true, she's going home next anyway.

Lady Gaga: I'm equally impressed and confused by Holly. She did extremely well in the challenge and seems like she really gets what is going on. Then she has these comments that make you wonder if she's all there. Either way, she is definitely next if Espada loses. Unless she's secretly wonder woman, she's done.

Mr. Probst: I didn't realize her mistake until after the fact either, so perhaps in the middle of smiling while Yve was having her torch snuffed it dawned on her that they're going to keep Dan ahead of her as well.  If they got rid of Dan this episode, she still had Yve as a buffer if/when Espada loses again.

Kakdaddy: Absolutely, but its not like her vote would have changed Yve's fate.

Which lie is better: Marty as a grandmaster of chess or Johnny Fairplay's dead grandmother?

Quiet Pool: I'm a bit of a newbie in the Survivor game so I can't speak of Johnny's lie, but it had to be better than the grandmaster ruse.  I don't see this getting Marty anywhere.  If you're smart you're smart.  Telling people you're smart isn't going to benefit you in this game.

Lady Gaga: Johnny Fairplay, mostly because he convinced the entire tribe and really sold his lie to everyone playing survivor. Marty only sold his grandmaster lie to Fabio, which really was not that challenging. However Johnny is eternally damned for his lie, while Marty can have a fulfilling life.

Mr. Probst: Fairplay's was more dramatic, but I preferred the arrogance of Marty's lie.  Specifically the Guillermo Vilas part.  No one could prove Johnny Fairplay's dead grandmother lie wrong, but if someone happened to know who Guillermo Vilas was, Marty was toast.  He figured they wouldn't and he was right.  Hilarious.

Kakdaddy: Nothing will top the dead grandmother.  That was epic.

Justify your favorite Marty nickname for Brenda: black mamba, black widow or black cobra

Quiet Pool: Well Black Mamba is one of Kobe's nicknames so if she can end up dominating Survivor like he does the NBA, it would be a good fit.

Brenda Smiles

Lady Gaga: Black cobra is a good one. However, I think all of the nicknames combined add to the impact and would vote for them to be mentioned in sequence going forward.

Mr. Probst: I want to give her the black widow nickname, but that's reserved for Jerri.  Maybe we could combine them all and give her the acronym BMBWBC?  Wouldn't that be awesome to see Jeff pull out of the voting urn and look at the survivors with both confusion and his trademark parental disappointment?

Kakdaddy: Well Black mamba is already Kobe's so that's out.  I'm going with Black widow.  Brenda knows what she's doing.

NaOnka didn't watch La Flor eat their reward.  She didn't care who was voted out.  Is the world going to end because NaOnka is making sense?

Quiet Pool: It certainly should.  This girl was the worst when she was on camera for more than two minutes per episode.  Maybe we just lucked out that she came on screen few and far between this week.  But it's true, she didn't make me want to hit my tv with a baseball bat this time around.

Lady Gaga: She even said, "just tell me who to vote for" - as long as it's not me. Her and Brenda may have switched personalities this episode. Brenda was extra evil and Na just rolled with everything.

Mr. Probst: All this does is make NaOnka's personal vendetta against Kelly B even more confusing.  She doesn't care who goes home between Yve or Dan (though she should), but was determined to get Kelly B voted out.  Fortunately we don't have to see her reaction to Jeff's trademark "La Flor, getting a look at the new Espada tribe.  Kelly B voted out last night".

Kakdaddy: The world is ending.  I've watched two straight episodes and haven't wanted to kill her once.  One more time and that's what you call a winning streak.

What happened at La Flor's tribal council?

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