The Office Review: "Andy's Play"

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Now THAT is how you Office! Yes, when I get excited I use office as a verb. 

This week's episode, "Andy's Play," made me remember so much of what has always been great about this show, but also got me even more worried about what they are going to do after Steve Carrell steps away at the end of the season.

Performance Art

Rumor has it that there are actually people out there that don't find Michael Scott one of the most hilarious characters in the history of television.  I am absolutely not one of them.  Last night's performance proved that at the end of the year Carrell will be doing his best Michael Jordan impression: getting out of this game on top (that would be a reference MJ's first two retirements, not the third).

Michael had many great moments throughout the episode.  From loving Andy's musical number in the office, to hating that he didn't get a part in the play.  Then chugging wine and bringing awkward balloons to the play, and finally booing Sweeney Todd. Safe to say, Michael was at the top of his game.

Now my infatuation for Michael's performance doesn't mean I didn't also respect the greatness of some of the other Dunder Miffliners this week.  It was a showcase for Ed Helms, who excelled with both his singing and comedy chops.  Although Pam might have thought it was "fun to hear Andy the appropriate setting," I always find it amusing.  But the awkward moment when his phone didn't stop ringing and he had to explain it on stage?  Brilliant timing and execution.

Ellie Kemper's ability to make me smile whenever she's on screen continues to impress.  Even though I wish it was to Andy and not Gabe, her cute phone chatting was fantastic.  How can you beat the "I'll see you soup" line?

And finally we were back to the old Creed.  You know, the guy that gets more than one line per season?  If this guy got as much screen time as many supporting men on the small screen, he'd probably get Emmy buzz.  He's critiquing the play and then worries that the actor of Sweeney Todd actually killed people?  What a great combination.

Other than the Dwight and Angela nonsense that I don't enjoy at all, it was a great night for our favorite men and women of Scranton. Review the best quotes from the episode below:

Andy: It's like amateur hour.
Oscar: Well it was an amateur production, technically. | permalink
Darryl: You didn't have to boo him.
Michael: He was getting a lot of applause and I didn't think it was indicative of how people were feeling. | permalink
Dwight: Well that singing got in the way of some perfectly good murders. | permalink
Pam: It's fun to hear Andy the appropriate setting. | permalink
Dwight: I work with that guy. His name's Andy. He's a terrible salesman. | permalink
Erin: I've been trying to get in the babysitting game forever. The 13 year olds in this town have a complete monopoly. | permalink

Andy's Play Review

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