Venture Brothers Review: "Assisted Suicide"

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Viewers were treated to a rare look into inner workings of Doctor Ventures, as we paid a visit to his mind on "Assisted Suicide."

We also got to see the softer side to many of our normal characters this week. For example, Henchman 21 and Doctor Girlfriend found out they both like classic Star Trek and the same wine. It was nice to see Henchman 21 expressing his loss for Henchman 24, as I was happy when they shared a stolen kiss.

Maybe if things don’t work out with the Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend will turn her attention to 21 and allow him to use his real name: Gary.

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I enjoyed the details this episode included, most notably what went on inside Dr. Venture’s mind. Having Thanatos (death) and Eros (love) be the driving force behind Dr. Orpheus' quest to get the master control room was a nice touch.

When it comes to the visualization of Ego, ID, and Super Ego, I understood ID having a harem of women that he felt Dr. Venture could have at any point if he tried. I also understood Super Ego being locked away in a cell. However, I am not sold on the imagery of Ego being Geppeto and working on a wooden boy. I am guessing it is a reference to Hank and Dean being clones of Dr. Venture and that he is constantly trying to get it right, but, that is only a guess.

Overall, this week’s episode was a decent offering. Browse through quotes from it and other installments now.

Assisted Suicide Review

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