America's Next Top Model Review: Who Went Home?

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Four contestants, one beautiful location and one first-time director. Let's break down this installment of America's Next Top Model, shall we?

The Lesson
The girls meet an acting coach where they work on projecting their voices and emoting.  They wail and flail to try to bring out their emotions. It’s pretty entertaining to watch, especially since it seems exceedingly unconvincing.   

I actually did think Ann’s version of being scared was incredibly believable, and the highlight of the whole episode was when the acting coach referred to Ann as "Frankenstein." Apologies for ripping on Ann once again, but the poor girl continues  to warble every week!

Final Four on Cycle 15

The Challenge
The remaining four girls are directed to present themselves to Franca Sozzani, the editor in chief of Vogue Italia.  Franca, who is just as bony and intimidating as her American counterpart, scrutinizes each woman.  It’s extremely awkward that Andre Leon Talley just stands in the background, making faces but not saying anything, in an utterly bizarre hat and outfit.

Now, in a competition where Tyra emphasizes personality, Andre and Sozzani state what we’ve suspected all along: that girls who are shy or don’t have much of a personality can still be successful.  Kudos to Tyra for trying to say different, but certainly in the real world, fashion powerhouses will accept a photogenic, yet boring model. 

The prize is a private viewing of da Vinci’s Last Supper, and a night at the only seven-star hotel in Europe.  Chelsey wins the challenge as usual, and takes Kayla along. They have a very posh evening, complete with a male butler, champagne and light gloating. 

Meanwhile, it’s more amusing to see Ann and Jane’s version of their “Last Supper,” which is a picture that Ann drew on a napkin and taped to the refrigerator. If only Ann was this comedic in front of panel.  Jane and Ann toast with vodka and takeout Chinese, with minimal to nonexistence bitching.  Truly the least melodramatic bunch of ANTM contestants ever.  

The Photoshoot
The motion editorial is in fair Verona, where Jay drops the shocker: two girls will be sent home.  These editorials are more difficult and hectic; they’re mostly series of vignettes as directed by Tyra, and I’m not sure who comes up with the ideas, but I’m going to guess Tyra.  I thought some of the sets were cool and sexy until Tyra made the girls whisper their own names into the camera while caressing their faces.  And wearing a black lace veil.  That got a little creepy.

Getting All Pretty

The Judging
While I think the motion editorials is mostly a plug by Tyra for her directorial debut, it is a good way to highlight the pros and cons of every girl.  I think Jane looked the most gorgeous, but admittedly was rather stiff.  And Ann (no judges, she is not sexy) rocked it as an extremely cool Gothic Lolita.  I feel bad that Kayla had to go home because I feel that she had the best personality; but in the end, I think her body type was to blame. Ann gets first call out, no surprise.  Chelsey is the other final contender, and while she’s not my favorite, she is quite knowledgeable about the fashion industry.

Final Thoughts
What did you all think of Tyra’s Modelli Folli?  Anyone freak out at The Ring-esque scene where the girls writhe and flip on their chairs? 

Do you agree with the judges’ decisions?  I was hoping for Jane and Kayla to move on. Tune in in two weeks for the finale!

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