Bored to Death Review: "Super Ray Is Mortal!"

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Last night marked the season finale of Bored to Death and, boy, the writers sure did go out with a bang! The whole half hour was filled with nonstop action and fun for each of our beloved characters.

"Super Ray Is Mortal!" started off with Jonathan trying to figure out whether or not it would be a good idea for his new girlfriend (of one date) to move in with him.

Bored to Death Finale Scene

Quite frankly, is he for real? What on earth would make him think that this is a good idea? Gosh, men really do think with their other heads, don't they?

Meanwhile, George had to face the music for his failed drug test. Funny how he finally realizes there's no need for him to work any longer. We all know the only reason that he came to this conclusion is because he did not want to go to rehab for his pot smoking ways. I loved that he chose pot over his magazine.

Jonathan tries and fails at trying to get another job. Of course, his arch nemesis Lewis is there spreading vicious lies about him. It was pretty awesome to watch Jonathan chase Lewis around the interviewers desk. 

Ray's storyline is by far the best thing that's happened on this show since season one. His comic book is a huge success and with that came a creepy stalker.

The guy leaves Ray a spitting image voodoo doll that is Super Ray, but sans a dong and plus a rather beautiful vagina. Of course he enlists his best friend/fake PI for help.

They are able to head over to where the stalker sent Ray the emails and, after a few dollars thrown to the doorman, are able to get inside the creeps hotel room.

Nothing about Bored to Death ever seems very realistic, so it would make sense that Jonathan and Ray stick around to catch the creepy guy and eat his organic cheese puffs. 

Having Ray dress up like his alter ego, Super Ray, was comedy at its finest. If only we'd have seen this getup sooner. I would have loved to see Super Ray's walking about for Halloween. 

It's amazing that Jonathan was able to beat down the creepy stalker. Who knew the little guy had it in him? Fortunately for Ray, it wasn't anything serious. That's probably what made seeing him in the hospital as funny as it was.

Now Leah is back in his life and all is well again. Jonathan and George leave the hospital together to go grab a bite to eat and smoke some pot. We never do find out if Jonathan lets his girl move in with him. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Until next season, here are a few of my favorite Bored to Death quotes from last night:

Jonathan: Have you let someone move in right after you slept with them?
George: Yes, three times disastrous. | permalink
George: I'm going to drink as much booze and smoke as much pot as I want. Thank you very much. | permalink
Ray: You're an idiot!
Jonathan: Thanks for understanding. | permalink
Jonathan: It looks like you have your own serial killer.
Ray: At least he's helped with sales. | permalink
Ray: If he sticks a pencil in my twat and I feel it, I'm going to regret this. | permalink
Jonathan: This isn't a friend of ours that makes custom made voodoo dolls. This is a deranged stalker. | permalink
Jonathan: Oh s**t. He gave Super Ray a beautiful vagina. | permalink

Super Ray Is Mortal! Review

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Bored to Death Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Oh shit. He gave Super Ray a beautiful vagina.


(to Jonathan) So what do you have to do today? Want to spend it in bed?