Brothers & Sisters Review: "Resolved"

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On Sunday's episode of Brothers & Sisters, Paige got Kevin and Scotty to talk it out. Meanwhile, Nora caught they eye of a new love interest played by Christian Shepherd from Lost.

Sorry, but there's something about an iconic show like Lost that will make it near impossible for John Terry, fine actor as he may be, to be convincing in any other capacity. Sorry man.

Crazily, this was but one of two strange, love interest casting moves by B&S making a debut in "Resolved." The other was Odette Yustman, Dave Annable's actual wife, as Holly's nurse!

Shockingly, Justin's more interested in Holly's treatment now? What are the odds!

Dr. Karl

Nora, you have to go back ... to basics with the kids.

Whereas last week's episode, "An Ideal Husband," was grim but well-written and focused on one story line, last night's was lighter, a bit haphazard and not all that interesting.

Just the same, the groundwork was laid for what could be some solid future episodes and there were some good laughs to be found, creepy potential romantic partners and all.

It was actually nice to have an episode that was heavier on laughs and lighter on ... heavier issues like infidelity. Which isn't to say that wasn't addressed. More on that in a bit.

First, we begin with Nora, who befriends Dr. Karl, a radio shrink who tells her she needs to stop trying to fix all of her children. That's anathema to Nora, but Karl means well.

She does come around a bit, too, telling Karl her kids' problems really are their own and they have to figure things out for themselves. Mmm. You keep telling yourself that, N.

We do like the idea of an interesting relationship for Nora, however, and the way this one was introduced felt pleasantly organic (if slightly miscast). Justin's, on the other hand?

Justin feigning closeness with Holly so he can mack on the cute nurse played by his real-life wife? That's just strange on multiple levels, namely that we're talking about Holly.

Holly, as in his former mother-in-law. Who has a traumatic brain injury. Much as we love Justin, watching him lie about his relationship with her exemplified the awkwardness.

He does come clean and gets a coffee date out of it, though. These two definitely have some chemistry ... wonder how that happened. The strange part of this plot was David.

He relapsed, due to the stress of the situation with Holly (Patricia Wettig is also Ken Olin's real-life wife, as you likely know), but attended a meeting with Justin and all is well.

By the end, Holly remembers they’re engaged. While we're still trying to get used to Holly's and Justin's new situations, maybe we're finally moving beyond last season a bit.

Kitty and Sarah have been doing absolutely nothing, meanwhile, which leads to some squabbling between the neurotic and insecure siblings. Forced? Maybe, but very funny.

Ultimately, Sarah is moving on and buying a media company - which owns Nora’s radio station, of all enterprises - while Kitty will taking on a teaching job. Endless potential.

As for Kevin and Scotty, the show has taken its time with the healing process, which really only began this week, thanks to Paige, and will take a long time still to fully resolve.

It was really nice how Paige played a role in getting her uncles to talk things out, and that the Walkers did not eschew Scotty throughout the drama, sticking by both of them.

During a heart-to-heart, Scotty promises to never cheat, but Kevin is scared. Now because he doesn't trust Scotty, but because he doesn't trust himself not to drive him away.

Scotty says that he could start showing forgiveness, and the episode ends on a positive upswing. This has been an emotional story line superbly done by the actors and writers.

Focusing on the aftermath of infidelity, as well as what was the cause - slowly drifting apart, rather than one drunken, isolated miscue - was a great decision, and well executed.

Where do we go from here? What are you most looking forward to in the coming weeks? What did you think of last night's Brothers & Sisters? Comment below!

Resolved Review

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