No Ordinary Family Spoilers: Warning, Super Villain Ahead!

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Before No Ordinary Family goes on a holiday hiatus in December, the new ABC series will give fans a lot to chew over.

On November 23, for starters, Jim will suddenly lose his power, but not his penchant for crime-fighting.

"He's had a taste of feeling special and making a difference and thinks he can continue fighting crime without his abilities - that puts him in big jeopardy," co-creator Jon Harmon Feldman told TV Guide this week.


Also on tap over the next couple episodes:

Daphne comes close to learning what King is really doing, but he and his team won't give up without a fight. And a threat, teases Feldman:

"We'll deepen King's relationship with the Watcher [Josh Stewart] and bring a new supervillain into their orbit - someone Jim and Stephanie [Julie Benz] will end up battling."

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