Parenthood Review: Happy Thanksgiving From the Bravermans!

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I give thanks for this episode of Parenthood.

On “Happy Thanksgiving," we returned to everything that makes this drama such a wonderful show.  It was more family-focused episode and also moved various plots along.  A recap of the siblings and their storylines:

A Braverman Thanksgiving

Crosby:  It was his first Thanksgiving as a family man, and he had a lot to prove.  He begged Zeek to let him carve the turkey, and made sure a prayer was read to impress his future mother-in-law.  He also made several cracks at Joel’s masculinity, all in jest of course, regarding the battle for the Kindergarten play from last week.

Sarah:  Sarah wasn’t annoying this week, she was actually funny.  I found myself actually hurting for her when Gordon broke off their relationship.  If there’s one saving grace for Sarah, it’s her kids.  I love them, and the fact that she raised them scores her points with me.  It was good to see Drew and Amber getting some airtime, too.  And the introduction of Sarah’s ex, Seth, is exciting!  It leads to a whole plethora of possibilities for her and the kids.

Adam:  Adam’s had a difficult few weeks, and breaking bread with his boss was the last thing he wanted to do on Thanksgiving, especially since Gordon just revealed to him that he had sold the company the night before.  Adam tried to hold his temper, but it got the best of him and he really let Gordon have it on the football field. 

It was hilarious watching Adam zing Gordon.  We don’t get to see him cut loose that often, and it was refreshing.  Even Kristina was funny in this episode.  She and Jasmine exchanging pre-football talk was hilarious.

Zeek:  Zeek hid in the barn for much of the episode, avoiding Camille’s anger, which was presumably still steaming from last week.  He had some very touching scenes with Drew, and it was nice to see him as the patriarchic once again.

Camille: We saw Camille in all of her Mama Bear glory this week.  She was cooking (isn’t her kitchen fabulous?  I just might cook once in a while if I had a kitchen like hers!), organizing, mentoring, tempering, and talking Julia down.  We also saw what I hope was the beginning of a thaw between her and Zeek.

Overall, this episode was heartwarming and hilarious, the two pronged result that this show usually achieves with ease.  The banter between the siblings was quick and witty, and I laughed heartily, more than once.  This was a great week to be in the ‘hood.

Now, here it is... The tearjerker moment for this week!

Easily, Zeek talking to Drew about his father.  He told Drew that Seth is his father and it's okay for Drew to miss him and love him.  It was touching, and let’s face it, Zeek just has that effect on people.  It’s like seeing your own father cry.
Teardrop scale:  4.0 there were actual tears this week!

Happy Thanksgiving Review

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