Parenthood Review: "If This Boat is a Rockin"

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It’s hard to say anything bad about a Parenthood episode, and this one was no exception.  It was well paced, well written, and while it didn’t do much in terms of moving the plot forward, it was a much needed character focused episode.

Character by character, let's go over what everyone was up to on "If This Boat is a Rockin."

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Adam: We’ve all realized that Adam is quickly becoming unhinged.  How much pressure can one man take?  He has a sick son, a wife who seems to have no outside interests of her own, a family who constantly needs him, and a boss who doesn’t really respect him.

It was so refreshing to see Adam’s backbone make an appearance in this week’s episode.  I was yelling at the screen for him to punch that man in the supermarket, and when he actually did, I was cheering.  It was wonderful to see him snap at Christina, yell at Zeek, and reprimand Sarah.  He is human, after all, and not some mythological being that has unlimited patience and strength.

Sarah: I have to admit, a lot of times I don’t exactly understand Sarah.  She wants to be so fiercely independent, yet relies on her family for a place to live, Adam to help raise her son, and now Adam for a job.  This week we saw less of her, which was nice, but we also saw a genuine moment where she seemed overcome with love for her children.  It was just the right amount of air time for her and it was endearing.

Crosby: Perhaps the most realistic character on the show.  Tonight was a Crosby-heavy episode, and I loved it.  I relate to him, I think he’s a great actor, and I think the writers write well for his character.  He is a man torn between two lives, or so it seemed.  We thought he was getting cold feet about marrying Jasmine, when in reality, he is scared of screwing it up.  Also, the final party on the boat with the siblings all together?  Hilarious, as usual.

Julia: Not much Julia tonight, just some supporting scenes.  I was okay with this since last episode was Julia and Joel-centric.

Haddie:  Haddie is headed down a very dangerous path.  Not only is she getting involved with a man who seems to be quite a bit older than her, but he’s a recovering alcoholic, and a new one at that.  We get it, Haddie, he’s cute, he’s charming, but this is almost guaranteed to end in disaster.  A disaster Adam will end up cleaning up, I’m sure.  The only bright spot in this might be seeing Christina’s reaction to this news. (I'm not a fan of Christina’s... can you tell?)

And, finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The tearjerker.  I have yet to get through an episode without my eyelids welling from tears - and I’m not easily moved, believe me.  So, when was it?

Adam and Zeek’s heart to heart in which Adam dealt with some childhood issues and voiced some frustrations to Zeek.  He admitted he is sick to death of being in control, and is angry all of the time. 
On the tearjerker scale, of 1-5 teardrops?  3.5 teardrops.

If This Boat Is a Rockin Review

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Adam doesn't punch people, you punch people.

Camille [to Zeek]

You have a crush on a homeless guy! Okay, be safe! You look good, and clean. He's gonna like that.

Amber [to Haddie]