Survivor Round Table: "Stuck In the Middle"

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We're really disappointed with the cast, but can't get enough of how unpredictable the game will be going forward.  Who's the favorite to win?  Anyone?  It's anyone's game; what do our round table writers think?

What do you, the reader, think?

With Brenda gone, who's the favorite to be the sole survivor now?

Kakdaddy: I'm sticking with my premiere gut pick of Holly.  She could potentially garner a lot of votes from a jury and nobody seems to want to vote for her to get her off.

Survivor RT

Quiet Pool: I'd go with Sash. He really took the fact that Brenda was on the outs, and rolled with it.  I love that he didn't waste his immunity idol on Brenda, and instead joined up with his former enemies.  He's got a good feel for what's going on in this game.

Lady Gaga: NaOnka - I can't believe I'm saying this, but she has really stepped up her game. She is still crazy, but now I see that she'll do anything to win the game, which makes her a heavy favorite.

Mr. Probst: Marty, Brenda and Sash are the only ones smart enough to realize what a threat to win Jane is and two of them are gone and a third is on his way out.  She's getting more dangerous every day. 

Did you find yourself rooting for Brenda to get the ax instead of NaOnka?

Kakdaddy: I did and I had no idea why at the time.  I really think I just love and root for game changing votes that shake the game and alliances up.  It makes the show more interesting and I think that was why I wanted it to happen.  Anything that can get NaOnka and Fabio to ally and vote together has to be interesting right?

Quiet Pool: Absolutely not.  NaOnka is still terrible.  Did you hear her defense to branching off from their alliance?  Torture.  She didn't even have a valid excuse, but she continued to deny the fact that she strayed from Brenda.

Lady Gaga: Yes. Again, still can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm fascinated with NaOnka's rational view of the game over the past few episodes (minus the food stealing incident). Brenda became way too confident too early and that cost her.

Mr. Probst: Going into tribal, I felt nothing for the possible departure of Brenda or NaOnka.  After Brenda's disgusting tribal council performance, I couldn't wait for her to be gone and feared NaOnka was going home.  I don't know what's happening to me.

Who's more deserving to be in the game, Dan or Kelly S?

Kakdaddy: Jeff nailed it - he knew she had nothing to say "in her 20 years of wisdom" and she didn't disappoint.  She might be brainless, but she is at least a competitive threat and Dan can't even walk.  However, I think Dan goes further because he couldn't win an immunity challenge to save his life.  He is the perfect person to take into the last challenge to make your odds of winning better.

Kelly S Throws A Ball

Quiet Pool: Can't it be neither?  Dan is definitely struggling with his health, but Kelly Purple is truly oblivious to what is going on so she's probably less deserving.

Lady Gaga: Dan. He tries very hard, makes smart voting decisions and definitely knows what the other players are doing. As Chase said to Kelly, you don't really talk much, it IS weird! This is a social and physical game, Kelly brings neither of those aspects. Additionally, she had no clue who anyone was voting for last night.

Mr. Probst: They both are pretty worthless, but at least Dan knows what's going on. Kelly S was so out of the loop she voted for Benry last night.  Even Sash knew to vote against Brenda. 

Rate Jeff Probst coaching chops from this week: Mike Dunleavy Sr., Stan Van Gundy or Phil Jackson?

Kakdaddy: I really think Jeff looks at some of the decisions and things some of the contestants say with an attitude of "wow, is anyone that dumb"  "how can you not care/try?", etc.  He just has no patience for that type of stuff and just expects better and is disappointed when thats not the case.  Seems more like Phil Jackson I guess.

Quiet Pool: I'm gonna say a Dick Bavetta that strangely grabs a seat on the bench.  Like Dick, Probst is supposed to referee the competitions, not coach up some players over others.  He says nothing to Jane and she falls off and loses.  Why does he have to stick his nose into everything and cost Chase that immunity?  Sure neither of them were going home this week, but it's the principle.

Lady Gaga: Stan Van Gundy - "Jane don't you think about dropping out, hold on" was very similar to Stan screaming "Run, Cut, Move!"

Mr. Probst: His work with Jane at the immunity challenge was on a Phil Jackson-level of motivation.  He got her playing much harder than she ever imagined that she could.  That's championship material there.

Who do you want to win (we're forcing you to pick someone)?

Kakdaddy: For the ridiculousness of the Final Reunion Show - NaOnka (it would be crazy).  For real - I don't want any of them to win.

Kelly S and NaOnka

Quiet Pool: It's still Fabio at this point.  He's the only one I enjoy.

Lady Gaga: Jane - she's really grown on me. I am impressed with her determination and ability to win people over.

Mr. Probst: I have this odd place in my heart for Benry and I can't really explain it.  I guess I just appreciate that he's the only person in the game who seems to be at least somewhat competent at every challenge.

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