Terriers Review: "Asunder"

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The two biggest storylines on Terriers converged this week.

As a result, Hank was left energized by the conclusion of "Asunder," while Britt was left demoralized.

At Gretchen's wedding

Typically, of course, it's the other way around, so it will be interesting to see how Hank acts as the one who needs to improve his partner's spirits going forward. It will also be interesting to see whether or not he tells Britt that he knew all along about Katie's affair.

My guess? No.

The only beef I had with this episode was how the use of Britt's tech friends served as a convenient crutch for the writers. Without them, there's really nowhere for Hank to go with Zeitlin, but I'll forgive this slight plot contrivance because those guys crack me up.

Let's also stop and give props to Michael Gaston for playing Zeitlin with such delicious nastiness. The actor is clearly having fun with this role.

Donal Logue went in the opposite direction, giving viewers a glimpse at Hank at his lowest point. I was absolutely convinced he'd have that drink of scotch and ruin the wedding, but Terriers zigged when I thought it would zag.

Who would have guessed that Hank would end Gretchen's wedding day in more upbeat mood than when he began it? But this is a man that needs a mission, whether it's cleaning out his gutters or breaking open the biggest case of his career.

As for Britt and Katie, what's there to even say? Heartbreaking stuff all around, as Michael Raymond-James excels at showing us his character's vulnerability. Britt really does come across like a loyal child or puppy at times, and he's utterly blown away by Katie's admission of infidelity. That makes two of us, buddy. I couldn't believe it when it happened.

Another tremendous episode of a show that gives us something different every week. Simply put, I'll be very sad if Terriers does not come back for a second season.

Asunder Review

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