The Defenders Review: "Nevada v. Killa Diz"

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This week's episode of The Defenders, “Nevada v. Killa Diz,” upped the show's ante. It illustrated a great balance of comedy and drama, while keeping true to the characters.

Nick maintained his persona as the smart veteran bulldog of the law firm. However, this episode depicted the effects of a person’s age. Nick no longer can hit a punching bag with the same speed and stamina, the world of technology simply eludes him, and the music scene is filled with rappers doing anything they can to create a name for themselves.

Plus, he won’t even think of addressing his client as “Killa.”

Romeo on The Defenders

It’s Nick’s ability to care about his work and his clients that allows him to be a great lawyer, despite the ever-present changes in society. He may be getting old, but it doesn’t mean that he’s useless.

In a scene that showcases the right amount of drama for this show, Nick attempts to utilize his fathering skills towards his client, Killa Diz. He might not regularly listen to rap music or understand the way that these performers present themselves, but Nick understands trying to become something.

I really like how he tries to dissuade Killa Diz from rejoining his shady manager. What kept this from being a cliché was the fact that Killa Diz understood Nick’s comments, but recognized the ultimate opportunity by returning to his manager. It was a realistic portrayal... without an afterschool special epiphany.

Even the comedy wasn’t overshadowed by the underlying themes of the night. Great moments included Nick’s attempts to act “gangsta,” the correct way to answer the telephones and Nick’s go to retort of, “you’re fat and ugly.” (See more quips in our section of The Defenders quotes!)

Ultimately, this was a well-written episode. Nick and Pete didn’t act out of character and brought us great scenes of their brotherly banter and clever lawyer abilities. Quirky secretary Zoe was included in the plot and added her fun romantic spirit to the law firm. Even the guest star, Romeo, didn’t feel forced or unnatural. All the gears ran smoothly.

I enjoyed the campiness of last week, but this week epitomized how the look and feel of The Defenders should be. Let’s hope next Wednesday gives us another good one.

Nevada v. Killa Diz Review

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