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For the first time since this show's been on the air, I felt a bit disappointed with an episode. I LOVE The Event, and normally each week proves that this series is worth tuning into, but "Your World to Take" just didn't do it for me.

The whole plot with Thomas going after his mother to kill her was ridiculous. Sophia is a huge main character and apparently the leader of their people. The writers could not just kill her off so soon. Therefore, this scenario felt more like a time waster than anything else.

Isabel and Thomas

Another aspect that was weird was how Sophia handled this situation. She doesn't scold Thomas or even raise her voice at him for trying to assassinate her. Sophia just informs Isabelle that she'll take care of Thomas. What do you think this means? I would have loved seeing a more vengeful side of Sophia.

After learning that Isabelle was behind the treachery, all Sophia does is confront Isabelle and gives her the option to mark herself or live in exile. Weird choices, wouldn't you say? Why not just kill the dumb broad that tried to kill you? It seems like Sophia doesn't believe in an eye for an eye.

The only conclusion that I could take from this is that Sophia is not a villain. She isn't cruel and doesn't believe in vengeance. This could be the sign of one brilliant leader.

From the meeting of the aliens, we learn that Earth is much better of a place to live than where they come from. Sophia doesn't believe it's right for them to stay. So much so that she orders them to leave this planet as soon as they can.

The more we learn about Sophia and her people, the more I come to believe that they are like us, just from the future. A future that is so bad, a group of them went back in time to change things.

Sean and Leila are that much closer to unlocking another secret. They are able to get a trace to one of the missing girls, Abby. Abby really can't tell them much, other than Samantha is definitely where she was and that place has something to do with mysterious injections that make you old.

One clue she did give them was that the bottle contained a triangle. How in the heck will Sean be able to trace this to Samantha's whereabouts?

It was pretty surprising that the man chasing after Abby and Leila wasn't after the latter. That means that whoever Vicky works for is still on the hunt to find Sean and Leila. James seems to be the ring leader, but do you think there could be someone higher up than him?

So Raymond isn't dead, but from the looks of it, James is certainly trying to change that. Why wouldn't he tell the President who is after him? Didn't he realize that danger he got himself in already?

Overall, this episode tended to drag a bit. I am not sure I like where this storyline is headed. Hopefully, soon we will learn more about Sophia and her people and why the facility holding Samantha is injecting them with stuff that ages the kids.

Your World to Take Review

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