The Mentalist to Ask: Whodunit?

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We already know that Pruitt Taylor Vince will come on board The Mentalist in a few weeks as Special Agent J.J. Laroche.

Now, we have a better idea of what this character will be up to: Considering the most recent episode of this CBS hit concluded with a Red John-related death, Laroche will lead an investigation into suspects that include members of the CBI team, specifically Rigsby, Van Pelt and Cho.

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Starting in January, "each will fall under suspicion and be looked at during the course of various episodes," executive producer Tom Szentgyorgyi told TV Guide.

Szentgyorgyi won't reveal whether any of these CBIers will actually have ties to Red John, but does tease: "In 2011, the investigation will take a startling turn and the team will change dramatically."

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