Eureka Review: "O Little Town"

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Every year there at this time, there are those holiday shows that you watch again and again, even after seeing them the year before. I may have to add "O Little Town" to my list.

Allow me to start with what a great combination of imagery and storytelling the entire production staff did with the presentation of this episode. When Sherriff Carter walked over and got cozy in a high-backed chair by the fire to tell the kids a Christmas story, I was hooked!

A Eureka Christmas

However, the holiday imagery aside, this episode really raised a lot of questions for me. To be honest, I think the amazing job the season finale did of wrapping everything up is partly to blame for me being curious about a few things:

  1. Sherriff Carter’s story took place “a few years ago,” so why was everything like it was after the time travel this year?
  2. Where was Henry’s new wife? As it was clearly taking place after the time travel, why was she not shown in an episode about celebrating family? 
  3. Why was Taggart (the animal expert) suddenly an expert in physics and having his own lab?
  4. Why were a bunch of genius-level kids sitting around Café Diem bored? Doesn’t Eureka have Xbox, PS3, World of Warcraft, or the Internet? 

I know what you’re thinking: “It’s only a TV show, Jim, cut it some slack.” To that, I have to say: “No way!”

This show received my first and only perfect, five-star rating for the season finale; and, with that, comes higher expectations for plot and story. Or, failing that, at least some average expectations on continuity. Is that really too much to ask?!?

O Little Town Review

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Taggart: I am going to need a little helper.
Carter: I am not wearing a pointy hat.

Fargo: Maybe someone outside of Eureka will see how small we are and try to help us?
Jo: Like who? Oh, like a big-hearted elephant?