Fringe Review: She's Home...

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Simply put, this was the episode Fringe fans had been waiting for: Olivia found her way home.

On “Entrada,” thanks to the assistance of Philip Broyles, who sacrificed his own life, all was made right in this world. Sort of. Let's go over the installment in detail...

Over Here, Working a Case

Peter gets a call from a woman telling him she has a message: Olivia is trapped on the Other Side.  Peter quickly figures out the truth, that he has been sleeping with the enemy.  Bolivia, of course, is one step ahead of Peter and quickly draws her gun on him and is able to escape.

Peter hasn’t been able to tell Bolivia and Olivia apart.  He must feel like such a chump, a detective unaware that his girlfriend isn’t who she really is.  Immediately, Peter’s only concern becomes finding Bolivia and getting Olivia back.  

Walter gets involved in the investigation and also feels incompetent for letting Bolivia fool him all this time.  I believe these feelings of uselessness mess with Walternate the entire episode, not allowing him to simply focus on getting Olivia home.  He could only think of his shortcomings.  So without Walter’s help, Olivia is left to find a way home by herself... or so she thinks.

Just as they were about to cut into her back and begin removing her internal organs for examination, Philip Broyles breaks into the operating room and frees Olivia. 

He's willing to die because he believes in his heart that war between universes is not right. He hopes that Olivia and our side can figure out a way for both worlds to coexist without any more innocent people dying.  I really hope Broyles' death will not be in vain.  This was a good man, one with integrity and morals.

Hold It, Peter!

I also have faith that Walter will find a way to stop Walternate.  He is the only person that can do so because he knows Walternate better than anyone else.  They are practically the same person. 

But, in the end, only one thing is really important: Olivia is home.  Do you think Olivia and Peter will now begin right where there last kiss left off?  How do you think she will feel once she learns the truth about Peter and Bolivia’s intimate relationship?  

I cannot wait to see what happens with Walternate and his war.  Who do you think will be victorious?  How does Peter fit into the entire storyline?  Where have the Watchers been this entire time?  They have always been protective of Peter's life, but why? So many questions...

This was been the best episode of the season. By far. What did you think?

Entrada Review

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Fringe Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Bolivia: Listen, whatever happens to me, this started out as an assignment but it became something more.
Peter: That would be so much easier to believe if you weren't in handcuffs right now.

Peter: I'm sorry Olivia.
Olivia: Don't apologize. You were the only thing that got me through. If it wasn't for you I would have never made it back. You saved my life.