Lights Out Preview: Will You Watch?

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Lights Out is coming to FX.

Premiering on January 11, the drama centers on former boxing champion, Patrick “Lights” Leary.

Five years after his retirement, Leary (Holt McCallany) must find his place in the world. This is a man conflicted, struggling to deal with family life and a looming financial crisis. Can he resist sliding back on the gloves to return to what he does best? Will he be forced to make shady decisions for the sake of his family?

Following in the vein of other gritty FX shows (and directed by The Shield veteran Clark Johnson), Lights Out also feels a bit like The Sopranos. Moreover, the backdrop of boxing should give it that extra punch that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Think you'll give it a shot?

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Lights Out Quotes

Patrick: I don't like your tone.
Man: What are you gonna do? Beat me up?

Please, Patrick, I love you too much to watch you die. Either you stop or we stop.