Archer Season 2 Premiere Review: "Swiss Miss"

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For whatever bizarre scheduling reasons, FX decided to air tonight's standalone episode, clearly designed as episode two, instead of next week's "A Going Concern," the natural follow-up to Archer's season one finale.

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Bizarre executive decisions aside, the light-hearted "Swiss Miss" was a fun vacation to Switzerland with our favorite animated spy team after their long hiatus.

As a ridiculous fan of the show that has seen every season one episode multiple times and the episode in question twice, it's tough to figure out how to be critical and review this cartoon.

I will start off by saying, that although the adventures in Gestalt protecting Herr Schlotz and Anka might not be as strong as season one, fear not friends: there's some real gems in the seven season DVD screener FX sent me.

That said, "Swiss Miss" still had me entertained.  If you can get over the cliched, over-used bit of the underage girl and the fairly lame bad guys of the episode, there were some real solid moments this episode that you can check out in our observations below:

  • Series creator Adam Reed's Ray Gillette really shines in this episode and we can see why he's used more in season two than one.  "I came in third."  "Which is last."
  • "The metric system."  "The Alabama of Europe."  Okay, who are we kidding, Archer could still make the underage girl bit funny.
  • Another hilarious immigrant rant by Malory.  No one knows how to repeat jokes until they get funnier like Reed.
  • "Too bad you don't have big mitteny gloves like me."  Unfortunately, even with the gloves, much like Archer, we felt a little awkward during the underage boob gripping.  Minus the local swelling.
  • I don't care how cheesy this show's animation is, the snow mobile action sequence complete with hilarious commentary was awesome.
  • Also awesome to see Archer seemingly reveal his similarities to the spoiled Anka only to scream, "I don't do that!.

We have the rest of the entertaining Archer quotes in our archives.  Also expect two other Archer fanatics to join me in our first ever Round Table.  And please, stick with my reviews, because much like this season, they're only going to get better.

Oh and hey guys.  Be sure and follow me and tweet at me on Twitter @EricTVF.  But I'm new to this whole Twitter thing, so be gentle!

Swiss Miss Review

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