February 10: The Turning Point For Booth and Hannah

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Booth and Hannah hit a "turning point" February 10. Make of that what you will.

According to executive producer Stephen Nathan, that date marks a “very big” turn of events for Booth and his girlfriend, a target of fan vitriol from the season premiere onward.

It's unclear if that turn of events is good or bad, but in that very same episode, fans will get to see David Boreanaz deliver one of the best performances of his career, per Nathan.

Seeley Booth Picture

DECISION TIME: Seeley has some big ones coming up.

As for another much-anticipated development this spring, TV Line now confirms that the "elevator episode" airs March 3. Spoiler alert ... Booth and Brennan are stuck in one.

Think that they'll end up a couple by the end of this season? Will Hannah be killed off, or merely written off? Will Booth choose his new girlfriend in the end? Comment below.

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