Elizabeth Mitchell Teases "Dark Season" Ahead on V

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The second season of V kicks off on ABC tonight.

What can viewers expect from a series that was criticized for its slow pace last year? A lot of action and torture, star Elizabeth Mitchell has already promised.

With the introduction of a global Fifth Column and new motivation for Erica Evans, Mitchell also teases that her character will have a fresh reason to become "ruthless."

Evans, Erica

"I think she's going to have to cross the line a lot," Mitchell told TV Guide. "She's passed the point of redemption and that makes for a really dark season."

Among the major moments on which V will focus this season will be the reveal of what the Visitors actually look like. Says Mitchell:

"I think we needed to up the stakes, if only for our own joy and amusement.  It's V - it's an alien invasion story, it's not War and Peace. It was much more fun to play, for sure."

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