Modern Family Review: Croctopus-tastic!

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Following a disappointing episode of Modern Family that went overboard in unrealistic scenarios such as a man living in Lily's play castle, "Our Children, Ourselves" grounded the sitcom in everyday situations.

We had parents wondering about their influences on their children; the kind of awkward, forced friendship we've all experienced; and, well, a gay man mistakenly thinking a red-headed midget was his love child.

So... two out of three.

3D Awesomeness!

While the Jay/Gloria storyline didn't really fit into the theme of how parents take responsibility for their kids, and while that gag cup of Manny's seemed like a forced way to make the senile joke on Jay work, this episode certainly had its moments.

Granted, it wasn't as entertaining as Croctopus (in 3D!), but my favorite bits included:
  • Luke treating Alex's mouth like a Hungry Hippo.
  • Manny's previous attempts to look cool: a walking cane and business cards.
  • Phil, just thinking about all the Sanjays.
  • Gloria, checking on how exposed her nightgown cleavage was before racing downstairs to her guests.
  • Watching Phil watch a 3D movie. This could be an episode in itself.
  • Cam noting his "inventive" meal as he reacted to Mitchell's news.
  • The look of excitement on Claire's face when a franchise reaches its fifth edition and the cast changes.

As for the best Modern Family quotes of the night, you know TV Fanatic can always be counted on for those. Click on the preceding link and enjoy!

Our Children, Ourselves Review

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