Shameless Review: "Aunt Ginger"

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This episode of Shameless started off with a bang... literally. 

Fiona and Tom are having sex in his car at the outset of "Aunt Ginger." Before they can finish, tons of school children swarm the vehicle and catch them. We later find out that Tom was a virgin, much to Fiona’s shock.

Breafast with Sheila

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Cut to the Kash and Grab and a very slutty looking teenage girl is thanking Ian for being her knight in shining armor earlier in class.  Clearly her gaydar is broken because she is oblivious to his disinterest and waits for him to leave work so she can “walk him home.” 

After a few beers at the Gallagher house, Mandy, the aforementioned slut, jumps on Ian.  When he rejects her, she flees the house in tears, Mandy cries wolf to her delinquent brothers and tells them that Ian is the one who attacked her and not the other way around.  They show up at the Kash and Grab looking to kick some ass, but Ian’s boss and lover saves him.

As for the rest of the crew, Lip goes to pick up Karen, forcing him to have an awkward conversation with his father. Frank is still living with Sheila and looking noticeably cleaner, might I add.  In this episode, we find out the extent of Sheila’s agoraphobia. It’s sad stuff, even though Frank is quick to take advantage of her money in the beginning of the episode; by the end, he’s right back there comforting her tears. 

Despite his absolute depravity, I’m sure he can see that this is a troubled woman.

Back at home, when Fiona’s not getting stalked by Steve or Tom, a Social Security officer stops by looking for Ginger Gallagher.  She’s suspicious that someone else has been cashing Aunt Ginger’s checks and says she’ll be back with a federal agent and wants to meet Ginger in person.  Without a second thought, Fiona knows Frank has been taking the money because well, it’s Frank. 

Frank tries to find an old lady, but his best effort is a drag version of Ginger, who all of the kids recognize as their old bus driver, now homeless.

Veronica suggests borrowing someone from the nursing home who has Alzheimer’s.  Debbie does all the work in molding the new Aunt Ginger into a perfect grandmother figure and they successfully put off the Social Security worker and federal agent.  When they bring her back to the home, Debbie is hysterical and you can tell this little girl really needs a nurturing mother figure, more than just her older sister who is trying to hold it all together.

Back to Lip and Ian: Lip takes a beating for Ian from Mandy’s brothers.  Ian knows he still has to man up and goes to Mandy’s house to confront the brothers with a baseball bat.  Lip goes to back him up, but their plan isn’t needed when Mandy is the one who ends up leaving the house first.  Ian runs after her and tells her he’s gay.  Why he decided to trust this random girl who sent her brothers to give him a beating is beyond me. 

But he tells her and she’s actually really receptive, offering to be his fake girlfriend at school and actually becoming Ian’s friend.

As for Fiona?  Well, she has her pick of the litter this week.  Tom the virgin wants her to meet his mother and Steve is in full on Stage 5 clinger mode.  Fiona rejects Steve time and time again and agrees to go to Tom’s for dinner, though we can tell she’s not feeling it.  All dressed up, Fiona stands outside of Tom’s and watches him walking his dog and talking to the neighbors.  The next thing we know, she ends up at a chop-shop looking for Steve.  I guess the heart just wants what it wants, even if what it wants is the guy who kidnapped your father. 

Well played, Fiona.

Aunt Ginger Review

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