Two and a Half Men Review: "Lookin' for Japanese Subs"

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As a big fan of the lovable, crazy Rose, it's tough to find an episode centered around her that I wouldn't enjoy. 

So while I do have my criticisms of this week's "Lookin' for Japanese Subs," it featured more than enough Rose to keep me entertained.

The Asketeeers

Rose made her first appearance since this season's fantastic "The Crazy Bitch Gazette," when she ran into Charlie at the grocery store.  I know what you're thinking: since when does Charlie go grocery shopping?!?  Don't worry, he was picking up booze and we're going to assume Berta was on vacation.

From there, Rose impressively manipulated the situation to turn Charlie into her stalker and booty call.  Next up, how Rose will next trick Charlie into committing to a long term relationship with her.  She's already got him confessing his love.  We'll have to see what other tricks she has up her sleeve.

The scenes with Rose and Charlie had us entertained throughout the episode and constantly had me thinking the same reaction to Rose: man, that chick is crazy.  Perfect.

Meanwhile, Jake and Eldridge took over the B-story with their own homemade version of Jackass, which they named Dumbass.  Definitely should have gone with Assketeers.  Way funnier.

Unfortunately, their screen time was pretty much a series of fart jokes coming from two child actors that didn't quite work for me.  At least Alan's reactions were ridiculously well done and kept the scenes somewhat funny.

In the end, the best part of the B story was Charlie's "Ass-ketteers" shirt he was wearing in bed with Rose.  It's those little visual gags in the background that get us every time.  We'll leave you with the Two and a Half Men jokes and quotes that had us laughing.

Lookin' for Japanese Subs Review

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Two and a Half Men Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Alan: What about her tattoo of you on her left butt cheek?
Charlie: I wish she hadn't done that. After she takes a hot bath I start to look like Edward James Olmos.

What's up Mccallen? We can grow old together. You're only 20 and I doubt you're gonna make it to 21.