30 Rock Review: That's So Gay Balls!

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Can I be completely unimpressed with an episode 30 Rock, even though there were a bunch of gags that I thought were funny?  Absolutely, and such was the case in "¡QuÉe Sorpresa!"

While I loved the voice activated television bit, many of Liz's one-liners, and the performance by SAG President Ken Howard as Kabletown boss Hank Hooper, the whole thing felt a little flat compared to last week's "Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning."

Vanessa Minnillo on 30 Rock

How good was that voice activation, though?  The best parts were definitely the fact that Detective Munch wanted to delete everything that was on his DVR, and when Jack said "crap" it turned itself straight to Keeping up with the Kardashians.

While Hank Hooper acting like Kenneth and Jack getting ever so frustrated worked well, the other two plots didn't come together.

Tracy and Jenna fighting over one Kabletown sweatshirt - or was it the fact that Tracy stole Jenna's show four years ago? - was another case of a single joke going on too long.  Even though "How are you sweatshirting this sweatshirt?" had me in stitches, the rest of their time on screen was lacking.

And I have yet to realize what the Avery Jessup character brings to the table.  Although she wasn't in much of this week's episode, Carmen was pretty much a Mexican/Asian/Jamaican clone of Avery, and I didn't find her very funny at all.

Still, joke-wise, there were still many laugh out loud moments this week. Here are some of our favorite 30 Rock quotes from "¡QuÉe Sorpresa!"

Jack: Avery and I want the baby's middle name to be Elizabeth, after you.
Liz: Oh Jack, that's so gay balls. | permalink
Jack: I can get you into a restaurant where you watch a child play with a bunny, and then you eat the bunny.
Kenneth: Isn't that just Easter? | permalink
Carmen: What's wrong with you?
Liz: Almost everything. | permalink
Carmen: Why are you doing this for Jessup? She's a blonde. Don't you know there's a war going on? | permalink
Liz: Some dude jacked me, and now his sperm is growing in my stomach. | permalink
Tracy: Hello. Good sweatshirt. How are you sweatshirting this sweatshirt? | permalink

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