Archer Round Table: "A Going Concern"

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As we noted in our official review earlier, this week's Archer really should have been its season premiere. But it was an enjoyable episode regardless of FX's odd scheduling.

TVF's staff has come together for a Q&A discussion to further discuss the events of "A Going Concern." Without further delay, we present this week's Archer Round Table:

What was one of your favorite Archer quotes from last night?  

Dr. Toboggan: Lana: "So to get this job I have to sleep with you?" Barry: "Those are your words... but also mine."

Mark F: Barry: "Is that how we get ants Other Barry?" Barry: "Yes Other Barry, that is exactly how we get ants."

Eric H: Way to steal my two favorite Barry quotes. Guess that's what I get for taking the caboose. Well I'm going to give it up then to Krieger's "not even the other kind [of Doctor]."

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Pick your safest position with Lana on the ISIS carpet. Unlike Barry, no cheating with no clothes spread out as a barrier.

Dr. Toboggan: Barry tried to cheat and look what it got him, a bloody face. I say go all natural and just embrace the sweet and sour sauce, robot oil, doughnut crumbs and of course ants that cover the ISIS carpet.

Mark F: Well since Lana seems to not mind the carpet (doesn't clean the sweet and sour spill in her potentially "new" office) I'd have to go with Missionary with Lana on her back and four strategic placed napkins for my palms and knees. Given the amount they eat at the restaurant across the street there has to be plenty of napkins around.

Eric H: While I admire how brave you are, Mantis, I'm just not that kind of guy. Sorry Lana, you're getting pinned up against a wall.

Were those ODIN agents wearing black or slightly darker black turtlenecks?

Dr. Toboggan: I think one was in black and three were wearing slightly darker black, I didn't DVR the show in HD so it was hard for me to tell. On a side note anything being slightly darker black is one of my favorite running jokes on the show.

Mark F: Slightly darker black because only Archer can wear a black tacticalneck while on duty. Otherwise i'm sure ISIS could sue ODIN for some sort of trademark issue which I'm pretty sure Malorie would do given her current bank account.

Eric H: After watching the episode in both DVD and HD, I have concluded they are without a doubt regular black. Unlike Woodhouse I CAN tell the difference.

Is all fair in love and war? Would you use a deep cycle marine battery or LSD to win over someone's heart?

Dr. Toboggan: Yes all is definitely fair, and I think I would go with the deep cycle marine battery. With LSD sure you can alter someone but you can't really control them. With Krieger's help and a "marine battery" you can very scientifically control someones thoughts, and really that's the ultimate goal in any relationship.

Mark F: LSD. Not sure if i could handle a girl that is cool with being hooked up to a deep cycle marine battery once a week. But LSD disguised as breath strips. SOLD! 

Eric H: Definitely fair with a little LSD, a rabbit and some lettuce. Speaking of which, I'm off to the lettuce store...

Favorite ISIS underling this episode? For bonus points: refer to them by their sexual harassment doll.

Dr. Toboggan: Pam, the amorphous rasta blob. I think she was the whale or the hungry hungry hippo for sexual harassment but either way she was on top of her game.

Mark F: The Pink Salior. He was on fire (giggle giggle) this episode. But seriously, he screwed with Archer while defusing the desk bomb and then pointed out there was no sink in the room, he hates on Pam (Blob Marley) for blowing smoking on his mohair, and we find out he's willing to do whatever he needs to serve his selfish needs. 

Eric H: Also going to agree with The Pink Sailor. The entire scene between him and Archer with the not even slightly darker black dildo absolutely killed me.

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