Archer Round Table: "Pipeline Fever"

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This week's Archer was one of an ass-kicking, glorious nature. Don't you agree? Our staff does, and put together a Round Table Q&A discussion of "Pipeline Fever" to discuss it.

Without further delay, we present this week's Archer Round Table:

What was your favorite Archer quote from last night?  

Dr. Toboggan: Lana: "He's attacked nuclear power plants, hydroelectric dams, and whaling ships." Archer: "Whaling ships? What he's got something against clean burning lamp oil?"

Mark F: Stewardess: "Sir, can you find your seat for me?" Archer: "Uh, yeah. It's right over there. Can you go find some more Hurricanes for me?"

Eric H: Archer: She gets dinner in Dixieland and laid. And I get mosquitoes and no beer and not laid. How could this get any... [alligator murmurs] LET ME FINISH... worse. You ruined it. You ruined the moment.

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In honor of Archer's man crush, err spirit guide - your favorite Burt Reynolds movie?

Dr. Toboggan: In honor of the Archer I'll go with Deliverance. Also The Longest Yard, not the Adam Sandler one, and Gun Fights at the OK Corral, and Gran Torino.

Mark F: The Cannonball Run... but this is definitely a tough one with The Smokey and the Bandit a close second. Not to mention his other great classics: Cop and 1/2 and the made for TV movies Universal Soldier 2 and 3.

Eric H: With an impressive film career that's going into its sixth decade, I'm going to have to pick Striptease. Man, I'm funny.

Favorite green initiative by the ISIS gang?

Dr. Toboggan: The battery recycling program hands down. I don't know if that qualifies because they were already doing it before they started trying to get tax credits but it's a step up from throwing them in the river, which is what I used to do before Pam taught me to go green.

Mark F: Malory referring to Pam as "it" while removing the the green initiatives when Pam was holding the toilet... and also yes

Eric H: You guys kidding me? It easily goes to Malory's selfless act of chipping ice like a field hand.  I have no idea how that's going green, but uhh... mint julep?

Your three biggest fears?

Mark F: Reinstatement of Prohibition (I mean, they've already banned 4Loko... what's next), big flintstoney hands on a super hot chick, and people who's mannerisms and body type remind me of the Sloth from Ice Age (seriously, I'm pretty sure that's a catchable disease and yes I've met at least one person who has reminded me of the Sloth... hence the fear)

Dr. Toboggan: Mark's first one was perfect so I'll steal that: Reinstatement of Prohibition, also Albert Pujols' contract, and the end of the world in 2012 ... just kidding about that last one, I have an IQ above 40.

Eric H: 1) Heights. 2) Also stolen from Mark: Prohibition. 3) Archer getting canceled.

How much was that episode of an awesome and ass-kicking nature?

Dr. Toboggan: Easily the best episode of the season and one of the best of the series. The quote section for this episode should just be the entire episode written out. It seems like no matter how often they use the same running jokes they find a way to keep making them funnier, plus you have to respect a cartoon that can teach you life lessons: "[if I brought food] I wouldn't have room for beer, and since I can't catch beer..."

Mark F: This really was an Archer of the past. It had something for everyone: classic put-downs, great one liners, Archer essentially drunk the whole episode and oblivious to the mission, brought back Burt Reynolds references, and hanging out in the Germany of the U.S. (close enough)... but I don't think he ever got his room service.

Eric H: Unreal. As I stated in my review, it's unbelievable that essentially an entire episode focused around Lana and Archer being trapped on an airboat was able to be one of the best in this show's history. Kudos to the amazing writers and voice actors of this show.

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Flight Attendant: Sir, can you please find your seat?
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