Big Love Review: "The Oath"

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Sometimes, I find myself wondering what in the world was Bill ever thinking running for Senate. On tonight's episode, "The Oath," I came to realize that his pride isn't the only reason. 

After getting run over tapped by Margene's car, Bill goes into some dreamlike world. There, he runs into a mysterious woman and his mother.

The Oath Scene

It's clear that he believes being a part of the Senate will change things for not only his personal family, but all Polygamists alike. This will be a long and hard road, but every fiber in his belief system knows that it is his right path.

Probably my favorite part of the episode had to be Barb and Margene taking a stand in front of the Senate for Bill. It showed that even though they personally may not agree with all of Bill's choices for their family, they believe in him and the strength of the family.

When all the chips fall, they are always there for each other no matter what. 

That being said, it doesn't mean that this family can't be petty and argue.

The confrontation between Margene, Nikki, and Barb was extremely intense. Was I the only one feeling uncomfortable by the end of this scene?

I knew Barb wasn't really ever a huge fan of Nikki, but when she admitted that Margene marrying Bill brought back the joy in her life, I was pretty speechless. Nikki's always been a bit outspoken, but she never really accepts her own faults. She is always quick to point her finger at one of her sister-wives.

Meanwhile, Carolynn wanted to get comfort from her family, so she set up a secret meeting with Verlin. Who knew who this guy was? All I know is that he's now Ronda's husband. She's baaaack. With baby in tow.

Did anyone else notice the weird eye contact Alby shared with Verlin? It was almost sexual, no? I wouldn't be surprised if these two guys ended up in the sheets, especially since Ronda made it clear that Verlin's love is what saved her.

On another strange romantic note, Heather and Ben took their friendship to the next level by making-out.

As much as I don't like Ronda, I'd have to agree with her that at one point it really did seem like Heather was romantically attracted to Sarah. What gives? I find this new found love to be a bit strange because of her past feelings for Sarah.

Poor Margene. The truth did not set her free. Instead, Bill can't even look at her when they are knocking boots. Can't blame him, though. I'd feel like a pedophile, too. Since the truth came out about her real age, nothing has been the same and I wonder if it ever will.

Bill finds out that Lois' dementia could have been created by untreated VD. Seriously? That's probably the strangest fact I've learned today.

With this being the last season and all, I guess I am just expecting more out of each character and I feel like they just aren't bringing it. Don't get me wrong, I am thoroughly entertained with each episode that passes, but I keep pondering more and more how the writers will be able to really tie everything up. What did you think?

The Oath Review

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