Dale Talde Exit Interview: I'm a Terrible Loser!

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Dale Talde was forced to pack up his utensils on Top Chef this week, as the All-Star was sent home.

In an interview given soon after this elimination, the contestant admits it was a difficult result to deal with, and also is honest about the therapy he's been undergoing for years...

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On watching his final episode: I knew it was coming. The thing is I'm a terrible loser. The worst loser ever. Like when I would lose in basketball I would take the ball and punt it across the street and walk off - and that was my church league.

On anger issues: I've been able to manage some of it. I've been managing it pretty well by going to therapy for two and a half years... it's a blessing though. Not a lot of people get to see themselves on TV like that. So if you see things that aren't good with you, change it.

On Mike violating Chef Law: You can't put a patent on food. But have some courtesy! But that's Mike. That's why we call him Jersey Mike. He's like that guy in the playground that will take your lunch from you, all the change in your pocket, eat your lunch in front of you and then throw it at you and tell you to go throw it away. He should go off and be on Jersey Shore. He can be their caterer.

Read the full interview at E! News.

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