Matt Czuchry Teases "Out of Control" Storyline on The Good Wife

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The battle for firm power will be decided on Tuesday's new episode of The Good Wife.

On the subsequent installment, the ongoing drama between Blake and Kalinda will be wrapped up, but Matt Czuchry says the conclusion of this feud will lead into another development involving his character's friendship with Kalinda.

Cary Agos Photo

“There’s a new storyline that affect Kalinda and the rest of the cast,” Czuchry tells EW. “It’s kind of one of those focal points of the season that wraps one moment up, then snakes out of control by the end of the season.”

Remaining ambiguous about what's on tap, Czuchry adds:

"With the new information that comes out at the end of the investigation, he’s forced to make decisions about who he’s going to protect and how he’s going to keep his job. So there’s always a measure of how the decision that he makes could get him in trouble on either side."

What do you think, fans? Will Cary be back at Lockhart & Gardner by the end of the season? Do you want him to be?

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