Parenthood Review: "Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist"

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We were all a little (a lot) miffed at Crosby for sleeping with Gaby, even though she's a lovely girl who is great with Max. However, Crosby is spoken for and while things are rough Jasmine, that doesn't give him a pass to sleep with Gaby.

Crosby's actions had a much greater impact on his family than he realized, and Adam's reaction startled me a bit. He was disappointed in his younger brother, unable to control the hurt he felt over how selfish Crosby was being.

Crosby Braverman Picture

During a heated confrontation in "Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist," Adam blurted out, "Get it through your thick skull! Your nephew has Asperger's!"

Max came down right then and asked, "I have Asperger's? What is Asperger's?" Next week's episode should be interesting: Adam and Kristina explain to Max what exactly Asperger's is.  

Thanks a ton, Crosby. Hope that ONS was worth it!

"I'm sorry I'm not perfect like you! It must be so frustrating!" Crosby yelled to Adam on the basketball court. Grow up, Crosby. Take accountability for what you did.

Max's aide had to quit because she was developing feelings for you which made things awkward for everyone. Don't show up at her place, demanding she undo it.

And who can forget the look on Kristina's face when Gaby came clean about Crosby? 

I thought Alex's constance presence at the Braverman house was going to send Adam over the edge. The writers totally blind-sided me with the Crosby scenario. Alex who?

Amber and Drew have a sibling dynamic that I envy.

It's just them and Sarah, but with Seth temporarily back in the picture, this leaves Amber and Drew on opposing sides. Drew's ready to welcome Seth back into his life, while Amber has her walls up (and rightfully so).

I was touched by Amber's cathartic "F--- You" session after Seth insisted she join him and Drew at Alcatraz. Drew and Sarah told Amber not to be rude, to which Amber retorted, "You know what I think is rude? I think it's rude to leave your family."

I think the speech was delivered perfectly and without an ounce of immaturity.

Parenthood Guest Star

And did you hear the news about Sydney?  "I'm a vegetarian," she declared at the dinner table. The kid has crappy timing, given that before her sat a delightful piece of chicken.

"You're not a vegetarian because you love chicken," Julia explained. "I don't love it anymore." Good luck with that one, Julia. A chip off the old block. And did Joel take Sydney for a haircut? Next time, Julia should go with instead.

Camille and Zeek arrived at Julia's house, ready to babysit the newly-minted veggie. Camille made a lasagna especially for Sydney, who turned her nose up at the mere sight of the casserole dish. Not one to let his wife's lasagna go to waste, Zeek asked Sydney, "You're gonna have some lasagna, aren't ya?" 

Nay, grandpa. "Uhh, not if it has meat it in." Stick to your guns, Sydney. And when Grandpa tells you he ate dog in Vietnam, resist the urge to gag. 

Ten points for Seth's Captain Hook facial decor.

Jasmine's reaction to Crosby's news was what I expected.  She's a strong woman and she'll never let him back in. "You don't deserve anything good in your life!" She screamed on the houseboat. "Nothing!  I"ll never forgive you for this!"

That was... an intimate moment between Camille and Zeek. 

I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a fan of Amber and Drew's relationship. It's solid and chock full o' mutual respect.

What did you think of last night's Parenthood? Discuss!

Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist Review

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