Parenthood Review: "Just Go Home"

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The television gods have finally answered my prayers: John Corbett is back... and may have coined the term "fancy-pants sushi-douche bags." 

But what is with the creepy mustache? As Seth, Drew and Amber's father, Corbett attempted to reconnect with his children on "Just Go Home." But Sarah found out and anger ensued.  While Amber, Drew, and Sarah had a 10-minute fight over whether or not the kids should see their dad, it occurred to me that Sarah's predisposition to overreacting may be a dominant gene in that family.

Crosby and Jasmine Photo

Angry that she was excluded from news of his return, Sarah decides to visit Seth.  He begins crying and tells her he screwed up and ruined everything. Sarah decides to let the kids attend one of Seth's shows.  While there, Seth plays a beautiful love song he wrote with Sarah and it gives the kids some indication of the love that once existed between their parents.

Meanwhile, things are not as sunny as they once were at Jasmine and Crosby's house.  Crosby is clearly feeling like a third wheel in his own home, as Jasmine and her mother take over plans for the wedding.  Anyone can see Crosby is upset and on the verge of leaving, which he finally does after a vicious fight. 

I was glad to see Crosby walk out.  I don't like responsible Crosby.  He is constantly pigeonholed as the irresponsible drifter, but has done nothing in the past season and a half to warrant that label.  He's a wonderful father, a great boyfriend, and an all-around good guy.  Maybe he needs to storm out, get drunk, and do something crazy. You know what they say about self-fulfilling prophecies.

Tearjerker Moment of the Week: This week wasn't very sappy.  The only tearing up I did came from the smell of my husband cutting onions in the kitchen, 10 feet from where I was enjoying the show.  But if I had to pick the most emotional moment, I would go with Seth's song to Sarah.  It was romantic and endearing, and let's face it: women eat up that "drifter with an acoustic guitar" crap. I know I do.

Teardrop Scale: It's a low one, folks: two tears.

Just Go Home Review

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Sarah: Hey, I didn't hear you come in.
Zeek: I caught you looking at porn, didn't I? That's okay, they did a study, ninety-eight percent of....
Sarah: Dad! I wasn't looking at porn.

Seth: MJ, these are my kids, remember?
MJ: Wow, I haven't seen you guys since you were babies.
Amber: Yeah, neither has he.