Pretty Little Liars Review: "The Bad Seed"

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On "The Bad Seed," Spencer continues her quest to unravel the mystery of A.

As the girls participate in the school play of the same name, they begin to really question their perception of their best friend and sometime frenemy, Allison. This episode revealed what other episodes have only hinted at: Allison is not only a mean-spirited person, she could also be dangerous.

Overall, the hour was little slow when dealing with the Aria and Ezra relationship problems, but when the girls really started thinking about their flashbacks, it became a really captivating episode.

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It was obvious that Allison was cruel, but was she really “a psycho stalker who couldn’t take no for an answer” like Ian said?

Based on the video evidence, the two definitely had a relationship and Allison seemed to have her eye on him for a while. The flashback to the frat party gave the girls something to think about. What seemed like an accident - a drunken girl falling down the stairs -  looked a lot more suspicious in hindsight.

Initially, Emily thought it was strange that Ian was standing around the scene of the crime, but Aria recalled that Allison was missing when the girl fell and had her eye on Ian on all night. She was definitely bold when she wanted something and I don’t think it’s extreme to imagine her pushing others out of her way, literally and figuratively. This will really cause the girls to question all of their memories of Ali and seriously re-examine her motivations.

Spencer’s interest in solving Ali’s murder is definitely personal because she, like Toby, is being set up. Her search for clues is getting a little more proactive as she makes Toby steal Jenna’s phone. Too bad there was no help on that front.

It did seem a little too convenient for a piece of evidence like the trophy to just be sitting in the prop box, but Spencer took the bait. Based on the police questioning and the fact the “Spencer” rat was missing from its cage, I think we can expect some more complications for Spencer in the next few episodes. She’s getting in Jenna and A’s way (possibly the same person?) and it won’t be long before she’s in as much trouble as Toby was.

Outside of the main plot, I found Hanna and Caleb’s new intimacy to be both funny and adorable. When the two ended up the shower, I was definitely proud of Hanna for sneaking a peek. But it did lead to some major awkwardness for the two. Sorry, Lucas fans, things aren’t looking so good for your boy! These two make a nice pairing, even if Hanna's mom doesn’t think much of Caleb.

As for Aria and Ezra their little argument felt like forced drama. Ezra knew it was a bad idea for them to work so closely together in front of other students, but he agreed. And, big surprise, he was right to be hesitant. The minor irritations were made worse by all the big “future” talk. They got over it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a serious problem.

How happy will Aria’s father be when he finds out how long they’ve been dating? He seems to be building a friendship with Ezra and pretty soon that will make things tense between Ezra and Aria.

The episode showed some promise for the future resolution of the show’s mysteries. A was not pleased when the girl’s turned over that “evidence” to the police. They were supposed to just freak out about and become more suspicious of Ian, but instead they ruined A’s little game. I wonder what the payback will be...

The Bad Seed Review

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