Royal Pains Review: "Astraphobia"

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Jank is back! Jank is back! Jank is back! Woohoo!

The final scene of this week's episode, "Astraphobia," had Hank and Jill snuggling up in his car! This scene was completely precious and definitely worth the season long wait.

Jim Gaffigan on Royal Pains

I know that I wasn't the only one rooting for Emily to take a hike, but I have a feeling that last week's episode won't be the final time we see her.

Something tells me that Eddie R. will be strangely involved in Emily's reappearance. Am I alone?

Most of the regular players were missing this week, but we did get a couple awesome guest stars. Jim Gaffigan came in to play the lovable and goofy park ranger, Pete.

The episode opened up with Pete telling ghost stories to a bunch of boy scouts. Pete took a quick hike to find a stray hiker and ended up getting struck by lightening instead.

Thankfully, Hank was around to diagnose the problem, not once, but twice! My favorite Eastwick witch, Jamie Ray Newman also guest-starred as Stacy, a storm tracer who was bad to the bone.

Well, maybe not bad to the bone, but had bad bones from a strange disease.  Divya, like Hank, was lucky enough to diagnose Stacy's disease on her own. I couldn't agree more with Evan when he told Divya that she's becoming more and more like Hank every day. Hopefully, Divya will open her eyes and realize that she needs to stay put and not run off and get married.

Stacy and Pete had so much in common, it was pretty evident that they'd end up together. The scene where Stacy chose to ride with Pete to the hospital instead of staying and watching the big storm clearly showed how interested she was in Pete. Looks like these two will never have to know what being alone feels like again.

The storm that passed through not only brought Hank and Jill together, but Evan reluctantly admitted to Divya how much he'd miss her now that summer is over.

I LOVE Evan and Paige together, but a part of me still yearns to see Evan and Divya become a couple. It was funny watching them try to come up with their own celebrity couple name. Team Divan anyone?

With only a couple more episodes left of the season, the writers still have so much to wrap up! It's been over two episodes since we've heard anything about Marissa and her pregnancy. That must mean that next week's episode will be drama packed. And, I for one, can't wait! Can you?

Astraphobia Review

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