Shameless Review: "Three Boys"

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Three Boys” centered on my favorite couple, Kevin and Veronica, and their impending nuptials. 

Last we left off, Kevin revealed to Fiona that he was already married. This week, we therefore kicked off with Fiona innocently trying to convince Veronica that she and Kevin don’t need to get hitched.

Dancing Frank

V thinks about it... and then she and Kevin decide they don’t need to change anything.  However, once they find out that V’s dad left her money that can only be accessed on her big day, the ceremony is back on. Kevin quickly comes clean about his current “wife” and he, V, and the Gallaghers, hatch a scheme to hold a fake wedding.

The only huge question mark for me: why can't Kevin just get a divorce? He showed V a picture and told her his wife was crazy, abusive, and an alcoholic.  V’s response was that he looked like a douchebag with his mullet.

Back to the wedding: Sheila is making the dresses, Debbie is helping register, Steve is getting a cake, and the brothers are securing a priest who will perform a pretend ceremony; this last bit involved a little violence on behalf of youngest brother, Carl, who also has an affinity for microwaving his pet goldfish.

The fake wedding is set to go off without a hitch until Veronica’s brother (played by the hilarious Anthony Anderson) breaks out of jail because he wants to be there for the big day.  Marty (Anderson) is bipolar, has Tourettes, and has a drinking problem.

When Marty overhears how much his sister doesn’t want him at the wedding, he locks himself in the bathroom and threatens to set V’s dress on fire.  V coaxes him out with a loving promise, only before he is ambushed, tranquilized, and handcuffed to a toilet by Fiona.  Without any escaped convict siblings to crash the wedding, Kevin and V have a happy day.

Prior to the joyous occasion, Frank visits the free clinic for his checkup.  The doctor, who is fully smoking while examining him, tells him that he needs to get his third testicle biopsied.  Mentally unstable Sheila is convinced Frank is going to die. 

Once he finds out that everything is benign and normal, he views it as a second lease on life.  Frank ends up giving a coherent and sweet speech at the wedding.  In the face of adversity, this gang always comes together, as Kevin says when they’re taking a photo: “Smile Gallaghers, you’re the only family I’ve got.”

Three Boys Review

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Here's the happy couple, Kevin and Veronica, may you always have two testicles between you. L'Chiam!


I bet it itches like you got crabs in there.

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