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The latest episode of Skins made it clear: Abbud can’t seem to catch any luck.

First, he gets his anal cavity searched because Chris decided to tell Canadian customs that he was hiding a bomb. The country doesn’t racially profile, but they are certainly thorough.

Then, Abbud spots a creepy looking person in the woods and he jumps in a truck with what he thinks is a dead body. Surprise! It’s not the Blair Witch or an Axe Murderer, but the reveal of an old lady transporting a dead moose. Not really a great payoff.

Abbud on Skins

Most importantly, Abbud is obsessed with Tea. I wish going in for the kiss would’ve worked because he is certainly likable... but Tea is a lesbian. Which means no matter how hard he tries to woo her, she’s not going to play for his team.

Luckily, Tony gets to sleep with Tea because they have a connection. Although I wouldn’t call answering the exact same order you’d have sex with Katy Perry, Megan Fox, and Keira Knightly on a deserted island, a "connection." I understand having confusion, especially as a teenager, but I thought Tea was both comfortable with her sexuality and definitely over Tony. What gives?

Unfortunately, Abbud walked in on the two of them. Poor guy. I’d be just as confused, too. Oh, and he gets the rare opportunity to be slapped and then hugged by a naked teacher.

I’d like to add that Dave the teacher is ridiculously over the top and stupid. Not only in his speech, but in his actions. Trying to put a moose out of its misery? I’d rather he was put out of his misery.

Chris has finally put the moves on his teacher. Not an unbelievable plotline, especially with real life female teachers having relations with their male students. I like Chris and his character, but why she would want to be with him doesn’t make any sense. Hopefully there’s a little more reasoning in the future. I’m pretty sure it’s not because the only other option is Dave.

I like the idea of a class field trip, but why Canada? Besides the introductory scene, nothing about Canada was relevant to the episode. The location of the camp in the woods could’ve taken place anywhere. Is it because the show is filmed there? Inside joke?

Too bad viewers didn’t get a chance to see Abbud and his home life. We already knew that he was female and Tea obsessed, but why is he that way? How has he been brought up?

Sometimes, I think Skins tires to be outlandish and bold rather than focus on the characters that headline each episode. I want to know the “why,” not just see a continuation of basic character traits.

I like Abbud and hope that he can find his true love without all the obstacles that seem to be thrown in his path. I just wish I liked his episode more.

Abbud Review

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