Smallville Spoilers: Series Finale Scoop!

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The beginning of the end for Smallville officially kicks off tonight, as the series returns after a lengthy hiatus.

How will the beloved program bow out? TV Line talked with producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson this week, as they previewed the final run of episodes, teasing Clark's transformation and the May finale. Excerpts from the interview are below.

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Series finale tease: In the face of the Vigilante Registration Act and those who have turned against Clark, Souders assures fans: "There is a very hopeful ending to all of it."

Plotting a return: Peterson says "some baddies" from Clark's past are on the way. We already know about Zod, but "potentially a lot of characters could come back," the producer adds.

Questions for Chloe: Dinah Lance will be especially critical of the reasons behind Chloe's appearance. Says Souders: “Everybody has to get to their own level of trust. But it’s not that easy, considering the circumstances and the way she returns.”

Lionel returns: And is "bad-ass," previews Peterson.

Extreme makeover, superhero edition: How will Clark conceal his identity? With the help of Lois, of course. “She’s kind of all over him as far as how he’s dressing, what his hair looks like... but for a very, very good reason,” says Souders. “If you’re a hardcore Superman fan, you’ll enjoy the ride. It’s a lot of fun.”

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Smallville Quotes

But if you look at history the great men and women of the world have always been defined by their enemies.


Clark: I didn't know you were such a history buff.
Lex: I'm not. I'm just interested in people who ruled the world before they were thirty.