Supernatural Review: "Like a Virgin"

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It has been way too long since the last episode of Supernatural, but the episode, “Like a Virgin,” was certainly worth the wait.

Sam’s soul was back and oh, yes, he has feelings again. It was almost weird to hear him expressing concern or compassion, but it was a welcome return. Even Dean was back to his usual quips and it felt like the brothers were sliding into their natural roles.

That included Dean obviously chosing to hide Sam’s soulless antics and Sam needing to figure out what everyone was hiding from him. I knew Sam would eventually discover what had happened, but I expected him to get angry and leave. He’s done it before.

Blueprint Studying

I was pleased that he reacted with understanding for his brother, but also with a desire to atone for his actions. Sure, he may not have been there, but it was still his body. Sam really does seem to be stuck with a lot of burdens and problems. He could use a good therapist in the future.

If anything, the brothers need to trust each other, talk about their problems, and work together. They always end up getting in trouble or a tight situation when information is withheld. It would be so much easier to discuss everything, no matter how the other person might feel.

Then again, if it always worked out so simply, it would be an awfully boring show.

Virgins and dragons were the focus of Sam and Dean’s case, despite their questioning of its believability. You’d think the brothers would assume that any and everything has the potential to be real, especially after all the weird and strange things they’ve encountered.

I’m talking about the dragons, obviously.

Of course, where would Supernatural be without its humor. Dean gets some cleverly written one-liners that he delivers with great timing. What better target than virgins for Dean to offer insightful comments like “It just goes to show that being easy is pretty much all upside.”

Even a sword being pulled from the stone initiated a comedic moment. Dramatic music and lighting for a dramatic hero was perfect for Dean… if he could actually pull out the sword. Watching him struggle and attempt to prove his manly worth was worth a chuckle or two. Plus, his idea of a clever option to blow up the stone was met with him breaking the sword instead. Whoops, but funny just the same.

What is This?

What made this episode even better was taking what otherwise could have been a “monster of the week,” and making it apart of a larger story arc. It’s great when the story can be self-contained, but works on the grand scale as well.

I knew the Purgatory storyline wasn’t complete, but I wasn’t expecting the dragons to summon the “Mother of All” from it, and certainly not in the same episode her presence was revealed to Sam and Dean. I was prepared to wait for her arrival in the finale much like Lucifer’s coming in Season 5, but (if that’s even her), then wow. Good luck boys.

Another great episode, I’m definitely glad Supernatural is back. Viewers can rest easy, Friday nights are whole again.

Like a Virgin Review

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Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Sam: Who would want virgins?
Dean: You've got me. I prefer ladies with experience.

Dean: I've decided. I'm going to give Stan my most precious gift.
Sam: Wow. That sounded really creepy coming out of your mouth.