Supernatural Review: "Mannequin 3: Reckoning"

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I’ve never seen either of the “Mannequin” films (Good thing? Bad thing?), but I’m pretty sure the Supernatural episode “Mannequin 3: Reckoning” would be the best of the three.

This creature-of-the-week episode took me back to the early days of the brothers’ escapades.

As much as it’s fresh to see the larger story arcs focus on the “Big Bads” and the brothers saving the world on the grand scale, it’s nice to take a departure and go back to what made the show great in the first place.

Dean on the Phone

I even enjoyed returning to those horror moments that involved an unsuspecting character milling around alone in the dark, only to hear a noise, and then meet an untimely death. Plus, the murders were all because of an angry ghost possessing mannequins.

I mean, how long has it been since vengeful ghosts were at the forefront of Sam and Dean’s problems?

Exactly. It’s been a while.

The scene where the ghost took over the car, immediately reminded me of the pilot episode. Watching the Impala attempt to run Dean over had me half expecting him to say, “Not again.” It was a great reminder of the past.

Yet, there was far more to this episode. Everything may have felt like it was back to the usual, but Sam and Dean have come a long way. Times have changed and so have they.

Dean truly does care for Lisa and Ben, but watching the montage of his familial moments with them was kind of heartbreaking. The first time he showed up, she was extremely happy. Each time Dean continued to arrive at Lisa’s house, her facial expressions became more and more upset. Their relationship certainly took its toll.

As for his conversation with Ben, it reminded me of John Winchester. The way that Dean wanted to protect Ben and give him a life was similar to how Sam had been given a chance to break away from his father. Yet, like that relationship, Dean and Ben’s connection may have become further distanced.

Dean wants to do the right thing for the people he cares about. Lisa needs him gone so she can get over him, and he understands. Yet, Ben did make an interesting point. He may preach about the importance of family, but Dean is the one walking out on them. I do wonder if that truly is the last time Dean will see them.

The brotherly talk at the end illustrated the importance of Sam and Dean’s work. Dean’s a little down in the dumps about leaving Lisa, but like the good brother Sam is, he tells him how many people they have helped. It hasn’t been all bad.

It still amazes me the freshness of the stories and writing, especially after six seasons. As much as I’m looking for answers, and the show does give them, I’m happy to sit back and watch Sam and Dean take that long and arduous road.

Here’s to another entertaining Friday.

Mannequin 3: Reckoning Review

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