The Biggest Loser Review: A Fight for the Gym!

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It was a fight for the rights to the gym on The Biggest Loser this week, as the red team dominated both challenges...

... only to lose the hour-concluding weigh-in. Ouch.

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After thinking that Arthur had learned his lesson about using people as leverage and sacrifice, he proved once again that he’s only out for himself. When the pop challenge commenced, he was benched by his teammates, although they lost anyway. I'd be scared of Jillian if I were them, too.

She was hilarious, comparing videos from home to access of the gym for a week. It was clear she thinks the loss of gym membership has more worth than a conversation with a loved one. She is a trainer, after all.

Cara, on the other hand, was extremely hard on Rulon. She called this week Mission Rulon. She was like Hell on wheels. I can understand why he would not want to be pushed passed a limit that he had. At 400 points he simply isn’t an Olympic athlete anymore and can’t do the same things he could in his prime. At least Cara succeeded in helping Rulon open up about his past, convinced it would help his journey in a deeper way.

During competition, the teams had to push a 24-ton train a mile. Not something one sees everyday. Arthur fell behind for the black team, but then tested his physicality and mentality by pushing the truck he couldn’t the first week. Arthur won the weigh-in, losing a whopping 20 pounds.

At that weigh-in, the ted team lost a total of 63 pounds. The Black team lost a total of 59 pounds, winning on total fat percentage.

The red team voted off Jay, as he asked them to in order for his daughter to stick around. With a competition of couples, one is always willing to sacrifice oneself for the other.

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