White Collar Review: "Countermeasures"

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While this week’s White Collar was a pretty solid episode, I wasn’t completely sold on the intrigue of this mysterious character who came into town, nor was I especially enlightened on what June was like back in the day.

You knew from the beginning of "Countermeasures" that Ford was sketchy, and it took the whole episode just to watch Neal confirm that fact. However, Billy Dee Williams did a good job in his guest star role. It was nice to see a veteran actor stopping by for an episode.

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The further we get into this second half, the more we keep getting overtly reminded of this struggle between, as Peter so eloquently put it, “a con or a man.” We keep getting these glimpses into the dialogue Neal is having with himself about where he is, who he is, and where he’s going.

Peter doesn’t seem to think that those two parts of a person can co-exist. Will Neal be Peter’s case study in this regard as we continue to watch the former grow?

There was little to be heard of on the music box front, as the final two episodes of the season will apparently provide closure to that storyline.

Mozzie is in the process of constructing the radio that will reproduce whatever frequency the music box possesses. I guess I would just like to get to the point, seeing as there is only one episode remaining before what is sure to be an epic two-hour finale.

Other highlights from the episode include:

  • Peter apologizing to Satchmo for leaving his handcuff key out where the poor, lovable lab could swallow it - and Elizabeth insisting that Peter apologize. Cute moment.
  • Neal, June and Ford belting out a classic tune around the piano. You don’t usually get a glimpse into the other talents of the cast, so it was nice to see them eloquently integrate those aspects here.
  • Elizabeth noting Ford’s eagerness to avoid June from taking out the photo album. Peter always refers to her as his “best agent,” but you have to love the relationship that she shares with her husband and that she always seems to come up in the clutch and aid him.

We're stuck with a week off from new episodes before heading into the final two installments of the season. Gives us plenty of time to analyze "Countermeasures," at least. What did everyone else think?

Countermeasures Review

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